The Day After Independence Day

November 10, 2009 at 12:26 pm

The Day After Independence Day | Movie Preview

2012 is about to rock theaters around the world.

Everyone is saying the same thing in regards to director Roland Emmerich…   Again?

To that I would answer…  Why not?


Independence Day is one of the coolest movies I’ve ever seen.  It’s the kind of movie I like to describe as entertaining.  Sounds like a lazy to describe a film but it’s one of the highest compliments I give movies.  Entertaining movies to me are giant events with crazy special effects, monsters, thrills, action and other instances of entertaining craziness.

Some (or many) may disagree but for it’s time it ID4 was pretty impressive.  I’ll admit The Day After Tomorrow wasn’t nearly as fun but it still had it’s moments.  I think my main complaint was the action sequence on the boat with the wolves.  Not sure why they felt they needed to go there.  Also, human beings can’t outrun frost can they?  Just thinking out loud.

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2012 looks like a fun disaster movie to me and I’m planning a matinee of some type after it opens.  Up until now, I’ve heard mixed opinions on the film.  Surprisingly, many I’ve talked to are turned off by John Cusack.  I’ve ignored the cast for the most part.  I’m pumped for the massive amounts of theatrical destruction it promises.  This movie is made for fans of eye candy.  If you’re in it for a touching story and oscar worthy acting, you’ll still be entertained by the massive amounts of destruction but let down by your impossibly high expectations.

Tell me that doesn’t look cool?  Right?  I’ll be there.