The Scream Trilogy & My First Horror Movie

April 13, 2011 at 11:25 am

The Scream Trilogy & My First Horror Movie | Movie Blog


The original Scream redefined the horror movie for a new generation of movie fans.  My generation.  All of the jumpy moments, the chases and the countless references to the movies we adore came together perfectly.  I loved Scream.

So much so we decided to create our own slasher movie.  The only way we knew how.


The release of Scream 4 got me thinking about the horror movies we used to make when we were kids.  Scream inspired a short film we called Campus Cries.

XTRA: Action movie brings back memories of cardboard props and fire.

We used to make movies in sequence, making things up as we went along and simply rewinding the tape until we got the shot we wanted.  There was no editing involved.  Each time we had to do a new take we would lose a few frames on the previous shot so the pressure was on.  There were no scripts when we made movies and Campus Cries was no different.

It was simply a matter of asking ourselves what happened next.  Essentially, our story was quite similar to Scream.  A group of kids had to figure out who a masked killer was before they all suffered a gruesome fate.  Except there was only three of us.  It’s amazing how ‘convincing’ changing your shirt can be.  I think I died at least 3 times in different costumes.

The story changed at every turn and even we didn’t really know who the killer would end up being.  It was like a choose your own adventure book on VHS.  When you’re younger and making movies simply because it’s fun you don’t think about building suspense and character development.  You aren’t concerned with production values as long as it looks cool in your eyes.  Using ketchup as fake blood made sense because we didn’t have access to corn syrup and red food coloring at the time.  Except nobody wants ketchup smeared on their face.  It smells really bad after a while but these were the sacrifices we made for the good of the movie.

We made a war movie a long time ago and I had to spit up blood in my death scene.  Let me tell you, waiting for someone to say action with a mouthful of ketchup is absolutely disgusting.  Too much ketchup.  It looked cool but it was extremely gross.

Our movie would have gone on all night but eventually we took the hockey mask off the killer.  I’ll never forget that amazing shot.  We had reached the end and only a few people were still alive.  (Of course there had to be because there were only three of us after all.) The mask comes off and my friend couldn’t play dead.  He had a huge smile on his face.  Not the most realistic ending of our horror film but we didn’t care.

All that mattered was making movies.