The Trouble with the Curve & The 2013 Toronto Blue Jays

January 3, 2013 at 7:54 am

The Trouble with the Curve & The 2013 Toronto Blue Jays | Trouble With The Curve Review


Trouble with the Curve is a fantastic movie elevated even higher because baseball is king right now in Toronto.  Not everyone likes the Blue Jays but baseball fans can’t argue that the team has taken a monumental leap forward this off season.

Two months ago, the Blue Jays were still dealing with a dismal end of the 2012 season.  A season where 3 starting pitchers were hurt in the same week along with their top home run hitter.  Their injury woes got worse when more pitchers got hurt, their starting catcher broke his arm and their stellar third basemen was suspended.  July & August were difficult months to be a Blue Jays fan.  Their record was terrible and they quickly found themselves out of contention.

Many would argue that the Blue Jays weren’t supposed to be anywhere near contention last year.  To a certain extent I agree but I had hoped that they would, at the very least, be close to a wild card birth.  It wasn’t meant to be and so the team entered the off season full of holes and questions.

Then…  Toronto GM Alex Anthopolous pulled off a series of miraculous movies that turned the Blue Jays into contenders (on paper) over night.  I’ll spare you the details as this is a movie blog after all but you can imagine how excited I am now.  This team expects to win and I can’t wait to see the season play out.  Of course, I’m not planning a parade route yet but it’s nice to have a little baseball buzz in Toronto again.

It’s that buzz that led me to rent Trouble with the Curve with my family over the holidays.  It’s a movie I highly enjoyed.  A simple story about an aging pro baseball scout and his relationship with his daughter.  Both Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams shine together on screen as workaholics searching for acceptance.  He may play a grumpy old man in the majority of his films these days but I’ll never get tired of watching it.

The baseball in the movie is fascinating.  It was nice to follow a group of characters who simply love the game and can fire off statistics like it’s their second language.  The culture of baseball is fascinating because it’s evolved so much yet stayed the same when you ask the purists.  The perfect sound of a baseball is a magical thing and that’s what ignites my passion for the Blue Jays.  I went to as many games as I could last year including my bachelor party.  All I wanted to do was watch baseball with my friends.  The result was a walk off win followed by a night out that included MEETING 7 of the players.  What are the odds!

When the season ended, I was genuinely sad.  It sucked that they missed the playoffs again.  It’s been nearly 20 years since they played post season ball.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t miss the games.  Thankfully, another season is around the corner.  For now, I have Trouble with the Curve to thank for reminding me that it’s almost time for baseball again.   (Even though I really didn’t need a reminder…)

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