The Unexpectedly Awesome 21 Jump Street

January 2, 2013 at 9:01 am

The Unexpectedly Awesome 21 Jump Street | 21 Jump Street Review 2012


It was Christmas morning.  A family member opened up a brand new copy of 21 Jump Street.  I think I was more excited than the recipient because I hadn’t seen it.  I made sure it was a part of our Boxing Day movie selections.  Just about everyone I knew who had seen 21 Jump Street liked it at least a little.  Especially my wife who was convinced I would laugh.  She knows me well.

I really liked 21 Jump Street though I’m not devastated that I missed it in theaters.  It’s one of those movies that works better as a rental.  A great way to enjoy a Sunday morning (or a holiday) when you’re just too lazy to get out of bed.  I say that because it’s consistently funny throughout without overstaying it’s welcome.  Some movies overuse their premise and you quickly become bored of the gimmicks.

I was surprised by how funny Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill were as a team.  It’s always the ones you didn’t fully expect to work.  Case in point, I thought Will Farrell vs Zach Galifianakas would be hilarious in The Campaign.  Hype and ‘names’ can only get you so far if the characters suck.

21 Jump Street avoided this BECAUSE of the characters and the situations they face.  As a simple and funny movie, 21 Jump Street was pretty fantastic.   Even though the story is a tad predictable and James Franco’s little brother is slightly annoying.

My wife and I went out a few days later and spotted a Boxing Week DVD sale that included 21 Jump Street for $10 dollars.  Future lazy Sundays are now a bit brighter thanks to this addition to our collection.

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