They Should Have Left Jason Bourne’s Legacy Alone

January 1, 2013 at 9:03 am

They Should Have Left Jason Bourne's Legacy Alone | The Bourne Legacy 2012 Review


I was actually shocked by how little I enjoyed The Bourne Legacy.  It felt so forced.  It definitely has great good action sequences but why bother ‘mentioning’ Jason Bourne at all?  It certainly doesn’t help a story that basically mimics the entire series to date without adding a thing.

What frustrated me the most about the film was it’s structure.  The beginning felt like 75% of the movie with the action taking up another 23%.  The remaining 2% was an atrocious ending so abrupt I couldn’t believe I was upset I missed the film in theaters.

The final chase has a ‘Bourne’ flavor to it but it involves a villain who sucks and is discarded by…  A kick by someone other than Jeremy Renner’s character?  Then what?  The director felt satisfied and just… ended it?  I’m sorry, maybe I missed something but when the classic Bourne ‘this movie is over now’ music began I was blown away.

“That’s it!?”

Disappointing to say the least.  I loved The Bourne Trilogy.  They should have left it alone.  I was still willing to give the film a shot.  Who knows?  Maybe they can bring something different to the franchise…  They didn’t.  The Bourne Legacy was tarnished the day Matt Damon said no and they proceeded without him.  I’ve decided to end this review just as abruptly as the film:

The Bourne Legacy was bad.

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