Top 10 Casino Scenes In Movies

March 5, 2013 at 8:25 am

Guest Post

In many movies, casinos have played an important role. The atmosphere of a casino had added an additional mix of glamour to these movies. The way in which casinos have been featured in movies has of course varied but in all of these movie scenes that play an important part to the film. One film is the movie, Casino, which depicts the older days of Las Vegas. The scenes explore the rougher side of the casino world. Oceans 11, both the original and the remake, provide memorable scenes of a casino heist. This leads into the next movie, Oceans 13, which also includes casino scenes. James Bond is also part of one of the top casino scenes with the movie, Casino Royale. The film provides a poker game where Bond is pitted against his nemesis.

While this is not a casino movie, Hangover is set in Vegas which provides some hilarious scenes involving casinos in the movie. Another movie, The Cooler, features casino scenes where an unlucky player’s presence at the table seems to adversely affect the other players’ results as well. The true story of the MIT card counting team has been retold in the movie, 21. The film features multiple casino scenes set around the blackjack table. The film Croupier provides an insight into the lives of those who work in casinos. The movie, the Gambler, provides scenes where a literature professor turns into a gambler. The Cincinnati Kid is classic casino movie where the title character participates in poker playing. While these films feature scenes in land based casinos, after viewing one or even during one of these, you can enjoy casino games at online casinos.

Poker is a casino game featured in many casino movies and can be found online on sites like Lucky Nugget casino. You may prefer to stick with a game with lower limits than what is often depicted in the movies. Also, you have more variety available when gambling at an online casino. Poker can come in many forms, such as, Texas Hold ‘Em. With this game, players have both a personal hand as well as community cards to use.