Top 10 Snatch (The Movie) Moments

April 24, 2012 at 11:24 pm

Top 10 Snatch (The Movie) Moments | All Time Best Countdown


Snatch is an absolute classic that I lived without for years because I only owned it on VHS.  It’s expensive to upgrade all the movies you adore but finally, I got myself a copy of Snatch on Blu Ray and it’s still amazing.

So much so that I decided to countdown my favorite 10 Snatch movie moments.

10. Periwinkle Blue

Have you ever watched scenes featuring Brad Pitt’s Mickey with the subtitles on?  It’s a completely different experience when you aren’t trying to decipher his words on your own.  For example, I had no idea he said

“Save your breath for cooling your porridge.”

9. The Opening Credits

One of my favorite opening sequences ever.  What a fantastic way to introduce so many fantastic characters.

8. You Take Sugar?

Brick Top.  You can’t have a top 10 Snatch list without multiple Brick Top appearances.  Alan Ford is so good in this role.

“No thank you Turkish…  I’m sweet enough.”

7. All Bets Are Off!

“I’d be doing even better if you’d stop using my name.”

6. Mickey vs Gorgeous George

I love everything about this scene.

5. Two types of balls

Bullet Tooth Tony and his Desert Eagle .50 vs 3 horrible criminals carrying fake guns.  Nice.

4. No f*cking wheels?

Mickey is back to claim the number 4 spot on this list.

“Why the f*ck would I want a caravan that’s got no f*cking wheels?”

Arguably the funniest line in a movie that’s overflowing with brilliant dialogue.

3. It was 2 minutes 5 minutes ago?

This is why I love this movie.  You could completely eliminate Charlie and the movie would be just fine…

But that’s just it.  It would be mediocre without moments and details like:

“Five minutes Turkish.”

2. Funny Angle

Ah.  Tyrone.  You silly fat bastard.  But don’t question him because he’s done a rally driving course…  Ain’t you Tyrone?

“Course I have.”

1. As Greedy as a Pig

“Do you know what nemesis means?”

Brick Top claims the number 1 spot with a speech that’s as hilarious as it is intimidating.  Who knew you had to be weary of a man who keeps a pig farm.

What’s your favorite Snatch (The Movie) moment?

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