Transformers Dark Of The Moon? Apology Accepted Michael Bay.

June 30, 2011 at 2:53 pm

Transformers Dark of the Moon Was Exactly What I Needed | Movie Review 2011


I’ve been beyond pumped to see the third installment of Michael Bay’s robot opus for a long time.  The incredible disappointment of Revenge of the Fallen is still fresh in my mind.  The truth is, I love movies like Transformers and to have the second film fail on so many levels… hurt.

Then details of a third and presumably final film in the franchise (until the reboot of course) began to surface…  On the moon. (Sorry.  I couldn’t resist.)  People started talking about the film’s potential to be the biggest and coolest Transformers movie yet.  Many others had already written it off.  I couldn’t.  I love action movies too much to write it off.  The third film had too much to prove to fail in my eyes.

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I had a rough morning today. It was one of those mornings where stress took over and I was in a pretty bad mood.  While I was out running errands, I realized that it probably wasn’t worth it to rush to the theater to see Dark of the Moon.  The next available opportunity wouldn’t come until a week from now and I made the decision to skip the movie.  This made my day even worse.

I went about my afternoon and slowly my mood began to change.  I decided that a movie like Transformers would put me over the top and turn this gloomy day around.

I was 100% right.  It was a fantastic decision on my part.


This movie was bound to have critics no matter what.  People either love or despise the franchise and make no mistake, this film is not without flaws.  But I submit that there are 3 things about the new film that make it the best in the series.

  1. It has a better story.
  2. It has better stakes.
  3. It has better action.

That’s all I wanted to see.  When the theater went dark, all I wanted to do was shut my brain off for a few hours and forget the crappy morning I had.  The movie is a little on the long side but by the time the ‘Bay-hem’ started I had long forgotten my troubles.  Transformers Dark of the Moon is my favorite film in the series. It stands up nicely next to the first and I’ll probably go on pretending that the sequel doesn’t exist.

There were more than a few moments when I had to cringe at the enormously high levels of cheese but that’s what I signed up for.  Each and every person who walks into the theater to see Transformers 3 knows exactly what to expect.  True, there is a lot of failed attempts at humor but there is also depth and emotion if you find yourself invested in the story.  I certainly was.

The final hour was a non stop battle that didn’t feel rushed and really paid off the large amount of screen time they spent setting it up.  When the credits rolled I left the theater feeling like Michael Bay and his team achieved what they set out to achieve.  Dark of the Moon felt like an apology to fans of the series.


However, I do strongly disagree with the whole ‘cable’ incident involving Optimus Prime…  Really Optimus?  Cables? I also thought there were a few too many convenient ‘setups’ that audiences will see through.  There were also a few questionable last minute ‘saves’.  Still, for every flaw there was an action scene that blew me away and a few twists that had me smiling.  That’s really what summer movies are about.  They can’t all be The Dark Knight although that would be amazing.

To be able to escape my crummy morning for a few hours helped me immensely.  When the lights came up, I felt better.  We all have off days.  It’s perfectly normal but today, I’m happy I have such a strong connection to movies.  They mean more to me than I’ll ever be able to put into words.

Sometimes, a little action and fun is all I need.

Transformers Dark of the Moon delivered today.  Who knows what movie will be around next time I need a pick-me-up?