Was Captain America Overshadowed By The Avengers?

July 28, 2011 at 3:41 pm

Was Captain America Overshadowed By The Avengers? | Captain America: The First Avenger Movie Review


Captain America: The First Avenger has a very distinct advantage when it comes to attracting people to the theater.  It’s the final piece of the puzzle.  Our last batch of hints, cameos and background information for next summer’s Avengers movie.  There are people out there who probably have zero interest in Captain America but still showed up because they want to see more… assembling.

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I was looking forward to Captain America for that reason but also because it seemed like a really fun summer adventure.  I loved the idea of a superhero movie set in the 40’s.  For almost an entire week I was disappointed by the early start time of my shifts because I was unable to catch a matinee.  Finally, I managed to get to the movies.


Was Captain America Overshadowed By The Avengers? | Captain America: The First Avenger Movie Review

I liked Captain America a lot.  I think Chris Evans was a fantastic choice for the role and all in all, the story was quite good.  I’m still baffled by how great Steve Rogers looked as a courageous yet skinny weakling.  His story resonates with us all and that’s always been a part of Captain America’s appeal.  There are days in everyone’s life when a super serum would come in handy.  I know I’ve thought about it.

Hugo Weaving was great as The Red Skull though I felt he was a bit underused in the finale.  Mostly because he’s one of the coolest looking villains we’ve seen in a long time.  What actually surprised me about the film was the humor.  Tommy Lee Jones and Stanley Tucci in particular stole the show for me.  Captain America is a perfect example of lighthearted summer fun.  It’s full of amazing shield chucking action but I was distracted by the bigger picture…


Marvel has done an amazing job introducing their heroes to us one by one.  In that way, the movie stands up very well next to Thor as worthy additions to this grand movie universe.  But during the movie, I found myself thinking about how wonderful it would be if we just got on with it.  I’m already in Avengers mode and that’s what interested me the most.  Every time Howard Stark entered the picture I was hoping for a new piece of information on his son Tony.  Every time I saw the cosmic cube I couldn’t help but think about the post-credit sequence at the end of Thor.  Every time Captain America fought I was more and more excited about the idea of him tossing that shield in modern times.

In a sense, it’s unfair to Captain America because a larger event and one of my most anticipated movies of all time is just around the corner.  The movie made me feel like I wanted to ‘fast forward’ to the good part.

Still, Captain America IS a solid movie and needs to be seen in order to be fully prepared next summer.

Was Captain America Overshadowed By The Avengers? | Captain America: The First Avenger Movie Review

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