Were Ted’s Trailers Were Over Stuffed With Jokes?

July 4, 2012 at 8:36 am

Were Ted's Trailers Were Over Stuffed With Jokes? | Ted Movie Review 2012


Ted’s opening weekend gross of 54.4 million dollars set the record for an original R rated picture.  That’s an important record as far as I’m concerned especially with so many Superhero powerhouses populating the summer movie season.  How do you sell a movie about a man’s strong bond with a magical pot smoking teddy bear?

It began with one of the funniest red band trailers I’ve ever seen.  They quickly followed it up with a story-centric green band trailer.  I was sold immediately.

Were Ted's Trailers Were Over Stuffed With Jokes? | Ted Movie Review 2012

XTRA | Ted Red Band vs Green Band Trailers.

“Thunder buddies for life!”

Leading up to Ted’s release, they unleashed a couple hilarious featurettes, TV spots and more…  I watched all of them and I couldn’t wait to see Ted.

The movie is absolutely hilarious but I found myself quoting the funny lines as they happened in the film.  This is unavoidable but it happened a lot.  (The Garfield line in particular was hilarious)  The question is…  Was there still enough humor left over?

Ted is consistently funny from start to finish.  If you’re a fan of Family Guy you’ll completely adore the laughs packed into Ted.  But the film isn’t only about the laughs and that was a welcome surprise.  Ted is also full of heart especially in the final act.  The marketing team completely left out Giovanni Ribisi’s creepy ‘villain’.  Some of Ted’s best insults come at the expense of the father/son duo bent on having Ted to themselves.

It’s a tricky balance to introduce audiences to an extremely risky yet refreshingly original concept without giving too much away.  A lot of reviews I read were a little turned off by the events of the final act because it ‘came out of no where’.  I’m just happy the film wasn’t focused on Ted trying to become a ‘real boy’ or something ridiculous like that.  I loved how Giovanni’s character popped up sparingly in the film and not at all in the trailers.

My one complaint centered around Mila Kunis’ Lori who seemed perfectly okay with Ted leaving forever.  That kind of came out of no where.  Love him or not, he is a magical talking Teddy Bear and your boyfriend’s best friend.  Obviously, Mark Walberg’s character needs to grow up but it felt off that she was ‘cool’ with Ted’s offer to stay out of their lives completely.

Though, in Lori’s defense, a hooker did take…  You’ll understand when you see the movie.  Things sorted themselves out in the end.

Were Ted's Trailers Were Over Stuffed With Jokes? | Ted Movie Review 2012

Ted is one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in theaters in a long time.  Even if a lot of the best jokes were featured in the trailer.  The fact is, they still made me laugh even though I heard them before.  That’s the beauty of Seth MacFarlane’s unique brand of humor.  I can watch Family Guy reruns for hours and still laugh no matter how many times the episode pops up on cable.

I laughed a lot and by the end, you truly care about a talking CG Teddy Bear that uses parsnips in…  interesting ways.

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Were Ted's Trailers Were Over Stuffed With Jokes? | Ted Movie Review 2012