Why Creative People HAVE To See INDIE GAME: THE MOVIE

August 1, 2012 at 12:34 am

Why Creative People HAVE To See INDIE GAME: THE MOVIE | Review


It applies to every creative medium and beyond.   What I loved about Indie Game: The Movie was the heart and dedication demonstrated by the creators of three unique independent video games.  You don’t have to love video games to understand this wonderful documentary’s message:

Hard work, sacrifice and commitment pays off if you believe in yourself.

It’s compelling to watch these highly creative people struggle to finish their projects and reach their goals.  They are constantly under pressure from others and themselves.

Indeed, the stakes are extremely high when you pour everything into something you believe in.  And it takes courage to put yourself out there.

As an aspiring screenwriter, I found their journey to be inspiring.

I need to be creative in order to function normally on a daily basis.  It’s just not a regular day without a screenplay or a blog post to work on.  These video game evelopers have taken on stress, debt and the darkness of uncertainty in order to achieve their vision.  They just want to create something worth while.  So we follow them as they overcome their insecurities and we share in their triumphs.

One of the most profound moments in the film is brought to us by Super Meat Boy’s Co-Creator Edmund McMillen.  He is a die hard gamer who spent his youth playing the games that inspired him to design games himself.

After Super Meat Boy’s release, he has a quiet moment to reflect on what the overwhelming success means to him.  But he doesn’t talk about the money, the fame or what it means for his career.  He knows the impact it will have on him professionally and so do we.  Teary eyed, he thinks about the child staying up all night playing his game.  And how great it would be if his game inspired someone.  What if someone designs a game someday because of him?  It’s a powerful moment.

I loved this film for that very reason.

The people in this documentary are passionate and talented artists who found success because they never gave up on their vision or themselves.

Indie Game: The Movie doesn’t just inspire video game designers.  It will inspire anyone passionate about their creative aspirations.

The flick is available now online here.

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