Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakas, The Campaign & The Undecided Voter

January 1, 2013 at 9:03 am

Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakas & The Undecided Voter | The Campaign Review 2012


Sometimes, I buy into the hype.  The Campaign has a stellar leads and a phenomenal supporting cast (Especially Dylan McDermott & Jason Sudeikis).  Will Farrell vs Zach Galifianakas.  A comedy fans dream.  Except I really didn’t care for the characters they portrayed.  The Campaign definitely has funny moments but overall, the script lacks consistency and these characters are all over the place.

Looks funny doesn’t it!

Immediately after meeting gifted & charismatic politician Cam Brady, (Will Farrell) we get introduced to the ‘real’ man who doesn’t care about much, cheats on his wife and punches babies.  All of which are easily forgiven by voters who are constantly portrayed as naive and down right stupid.

Meanwhile, we also meet Marty Huggins…  An annoying ‘screw up’ that never actually screwed anything up.  This character basically ruined the movie for me.  It begins with Zach Galifianakas’ voice and overall demeanor.  This kind and gentle soul wants nothing more than to impress his dad and do some good for his town.  Yet throughout the movie, he willingly does the opposite without much thought.   Cam’s driving drunk?  Perfectly fine as long as it gets him ahead in the polls.  In my humble opinion, this is one of the worst characters since Adam Sandler’s Little Nicky.

The movie really lost me after Marty’s wife inexplicably cheats on him leaving him no choice but to shoot Cam?  Another ‘scandal’ that’s conveniently forgotten by voters.  Was the point of this movie to portray voters as idiots?  I doubt it.  I think they set out to make a brainless comedy while sneaking in a couple digs at corporate America.  To some, the exaggerated look at politics is a welcome approach.  I kind of wish they kept things a little closer to reality and left Farrell & Galifianakas’ to do what they do best.

Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakas, The Campaign & The Undecided Voter | The Campaign Review 2012

It’s almost like they just named the most outrageous things a candidate could do to the other and then tried to connect them all together.  I would have bought it if the characters were set up a little better.  One minute Cam is making sexist & racist ads to get ahead.  The next, he feels guilty that his son has adopted his ‘win at all costs’ attitude.  Then the very NEXT minute, he’s selling out his town…

But at least Cam has some funny lines.  Marty is inconsistent yet consistently frustrating.  They just couldn’t decide who they wanted the bad guy to be.

Sometimes, I buy into the hype…  I had high hopes for The Campaign but I was ultimately disappointed by scattered laughs that couldn’t  save a movie centered on two characters I’d never vote for.

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Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakas, The Campaign & The Undecided Voter | The Campaign Review 2012