Wouldnt It Be Awesome If Chris Farley Made A Matt Foley Movie?

November 24, 2011 at 7:51 am

Wouldnt It Be Awesome If Chris Farley Made A Matt Foley Movie?

Chris Farley was a comedic genius.  In just a few short years he gave SNL fans some of the best characters of all time.  To me, Tommy Boy ranks as one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen.  I recently watched Tommy Boy for the first time in years and couldn’t stop thinking about what might have been had he not passed away so young.  After all these years, I miss Chris Farley more than ever.


The man who lived in a van down by the river was a legendary SNL character and represented Chris Farley at his absolute best.  Of all the SNL movies that have come along, you have to assume that Matt Foley was near the top of the list to get his own film.

Imagine the story of a young man’s decent, hitting rock bottom the day he buys an old van and parks it next to a river.  Would we then follow his journey to becoming one of the premiere motivational speakers on the planet turning his life around in the process?

According to Wikipedia, Chris was indeed planning a Matt Foley movie with David Spade.  In all honesty, I think they would have had to tone the character down a bit in order to carry an entire film but I think he would have pulled it off. It’s sad to think about how many amazing characters and films he would have been a part of.  Regardless, we can still celebrate the wonderful moments he gave us before he died.


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