Wouldn’t It Be Awesome If Independence Day 2 Was About…

May 2, 2011 at 9:03 am

Wouldn't It Be Awesome If Independence Day 2 Was About... | Movie Blog


Co-Writer Dean Devlin recently spoke about the pressure he and Roland Emmerich felt creating a sequel and whether or not it will happen:

” I can’t say that it’s going to happen, but I can say for the first time that for the first time in eleven years, Roland Emmerich are working together. There are a lot of moving pieces that are coming together. I don’t know if it will come together, but we want it to happen. This is the first time since we made the originals that Roland and I are excited about doing it and feeling like we have the right idea and we have our fingers crossed.”

“We felt enormous pressure… Over the years everyone has always asked us about it. We never wanted to do it unless it felt germane to the story. In fact, ten years ago I was hired to write a sequel to ‘Independence Day’ and they paid me a lot of money. After I finished the script, I gave the money back and I said, ‘Don’t even read the script. The script is okay, but we can’t make an okay sequel to ‘Independence Day.’ This is what gave me a career. The fans deserve better than this. And I really decided then that I was never going to do a sequel. Until about a year and a half ago when Roland called me up and said, ‘Let’s try again.’ So we went out to Palm Springs and we cracked it. We said, ‘That’s a real sequel. That’s a sequel that makes sense to do. That’s a sequel that won’t disappoint the fans. That one feels like we always intended to do that in the first place.’ So I want it to happen. I don’t know if it will.”

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I’ve always been a fan of alien invasion movies so it should come as no surprise that I absolutely adored Independence Day.  Like many fans of the film, I’ve always been curious about another ID4.

On the other hand, I’m also quite content with one movie so I won’t be devastated if we never get to see:

Independence Day 2

Wouldn't It Be Awesome If Independence Day 2 Was About... | Movie Blog


For years it seems, there have been rumors about a sequel and even a trilogy.  Yet there has never really been anything beyond a few comments here and there.  It’s safe to assume that a new Independence Day would not be cheap so the project(s) will be challenging to get off the ground.  Especially when you factor in box office superstar Will Smith.

I don’t want to get into logistics though.  Until it officially happens, I’m more interested in where the filmmakers will go with the story.


Returning Humans

Regardless of how they continue the franchise, there are a few key elements that HAVE to be included.  Obviously, the most important element is Will Smith.  A close second would be director Roland Emmerich and perhaps co-writer Dean Devlin.  Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum should be expected to appear at some point as well.  You can also expect to see supporting characters such as like Judd Hirsch, Robert Loggia, Vivica A. Fox and Margaret Colin too.

I believe I speak for many fans that there is no need to bring back James Rebhorn’s aggravating Albert Nimzicki.  I also think that the Casse family’s storyline is wrapped up and would probably get left behind.  Unless Russell Casse’s sons grow up to become fighter pilots, alien obsessed investigators or politicians.


Cast aside, everyone will be curious about the invaders and their ships-o-death.  Will we see more building crushing beams of light?  It all depends on the story they choose to tell.

Wouldn't It Be Awesome If Independence Day 2 Was About... | Movie Blog


Lets assume the cast does reunite.  Everyone is older now so do you automatically set the film 10-15 years after the events of the first movie?  If that’s the case, I’d be interested to see how they portray the world.  With so many major cities destroyed the sequel could focus on how humanity picked up the pieces and moved on.  Would they try to make things the way they were or would this post invasion world represent an evolution of our species.

Think about it.  Would the U.S Capitol remain in Washington D.C?  Would they rebuild the white house or design something new?  Apply this to pretty much every city and landmark on the planet.  There are so many options and interesting ideas.

What about the remnants of the alien’s ships?  Are they landmarks now? After 10 years, did we learn enough about their technology to build a solid defense if they ever returned?  Reinforcements could have been waiting in space just in case they were defeated.

Speaking of which, could they return?  In the first film, President Whitmore very clearly states that the mother ship contained their entire civilization.

“They’re like locusts.  They’re moving from planet to planet.  Their whole civilization.  After they’ve consumed every natural resource they move on… And we’re next.”

So if their entire civilization is destroyed, would the sequel focus on another fleet of ships arriving? I find it hard to believe that a species would feel so invincible that they would risk extinction by gathering their population in one place.  There are more of them out there.  There’s a home planet.

Or… Maybe an entirely new alien race will invade.  The original aliens could have been harvesters for a more powerful race bent on revenge.  Personally, I wouldn’t want to see that.  I like the idea of an epic struggle spread across 3 movies with the original aliens.

Bring on Round 2!  I’m sure they will return with better network security and firewalls though.

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What if they picked up the story on July 5th?

If the first Independence Day was an aerial battle than why not change things up and show us the inevitable ground war?  Let’s say the ships went down.  Wouldn’t the surviving aliens bust out of the wreckage and continue to fight?

That’s the first thing I thought when I saw Battle: Los Angeles.  What if Battle: LA was actually Independence Day 2? You could show all kinds of ground battles while humanity tries to pick up the pieces after the initial attack.  I think that would be pretty cool.  Right in the middle, you reveal another ship that was hiding behind the moon.  Reinforcements have arrived.  The struggle continues.

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I can’t imagine what Independence Day would be like if it was made today.  With technology advancing so quickly, what would those awesome action sequences look like now?  That’s one of the main reasons why I’d pay to see a sequel to Independence Day.  ID4 2 3D? Bigger battles, more aliens, ridiculous explosions and a whole lot more fun.

What do you think Independence Day 2 would be about?

Do you even care?  Discuss below.