Wouldn’t It Be Awesome If They Made A BASE WARS Movie?

March 25, 2011 at 8:30 am

Wouldn't It Be Awesome If They Made A Base Wars Movie? | Movie Blog


Stop reading now if you aren’t entertained by giant robots kicking the crap out of each other…  You can stay if you hated Transformers 2 because everybody hated that movie.

This year, we will be treated to not one but TWO giant robot movies.  Transformers Dark of the Moon and Real Steel.  Even though I thought Transformers Revenge of the Fallen was a complete disaster, the third installment is still one of my most anticipated movie of the summer.  There are other movies that are close but I happen to love Michael Bay action movies and his new film looks like a blast.

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Some people may not like the Transformers franchise (or Michael Bay) at all but I love big summer movies like this.  You would think I’d be a little more excited about Real Steel but I’m not completely sold yet.

So many boxing movies are among the most successful sports films ever made.  2010 gave us yet another Academy Award winning boxing film in The Fighter.  Something tells me Real Steel won’t be winning any Oscars but it could still be entertaining.

Boxing may be the most decorated sport on the big screen but if there is a second place it’s baseball.  Let’s get some robots on a diamond shall we?

Remember Base Wars for NES?

Base Wars is an old school baseball game where you play with a team of supercharged Cyborgs with guns.  In this baseball game, you aren’t out if you’re tagged.  You fight for the base and it was a blast.

My favorite baseball game growing up was Baseball Simulator 1000 but Base Wars is a close second.  How can you resist beating the hell out of your friends just to be safe a second?  Even pitching a ball right down the middle only to curve it at the last second was sweet.

Having complete control over the ball like that got annoying so we instituted a rule that one pitch per at bat had to be down the middle. You just never knew which one.  Failing to comply with this rule meant you had to lose the next battle.  Tough cost as your robots took damage throughout the game.

Wouldn't It Be Awesome If They Made A Base Wars Movie? | Movie Blog

Could they make a Base Wars movie? I think it would be very similar to Real Steel so you would have to avoid that.  I like the idea of making a Base Wars movie set in a world that’s become too technologically obsessed and forgotten the purity of things like Baseball.

My Base Wars movie would mix The Sandlot and Field of Dreams together and have the whole thing revolve around our history as a species.

Movies like this tend to assume that people stopped watching humans play in favor of huge Gladiator Robots.  I think Major League Baseball would remain.  It has to!

Here is how I would do it.

MLB struggles in the ratings so they decide to add Base Wars to the seventh inning stretch of each game.  I would have the film center on a family with three generations.  A grandfather who played a few pro seasons, his son who is currently a major league manager and former player and his son who is a gifted engineer.

The movie would be about our emotional attachment to the game AND about the evolution of our planet’s technology.  Also there would be HUGE robot battles and a ton of baseball.

I just wouldn’t want the movie to be set in the future where baseball is dead.  That’s not a movie I want to see.  There would be nothing but bitter old men rejecting the game.  I think the integration of robots is enough while still preserving what makes the game of baseball great.  Of course, there still needs to be some high stakes and conflicts but I haven’t developed the entire story yet.

Will we ever see a Base Wars movie?  Probably not but if this video is any evidence, we may see the real thing someday.

I’d name the robots after famous movies. Johnny 5, Optimus, HAL etc…

PS: How have we not had a remake of Base Wars yet?!  Get on it people!