Zombie Movies: From A To World War Z

June 28, 2013 at 8:28 am

Zombie Movies: From A To World War Z | World War Z Review 2013


Fans of Zombie movies are much like the undead hordes they adore. No matter how many movies they devour, they always want more.

This is the best time to be a fan of the Zombie genre. With The Walking Dead delivering constant scares and fascinating character moments, the house that Romero built has never been stronger.

It was only a matter of time before a PG-13 Zombie film came along with big name stars and an epic scale unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Zombie movie fans aren’t used to this approach. The classics show you the devastation left in the wake of a world wide infection but the focus on a smaller group trying desperately to survive.

Is it possible to break that formula and deliver a Zombie movie that truly pulls back from the intimate approach?  Perhaps someday another movie will because World War Z doesn’t quite deliver on its epic concept.

My main issue with World War Z is it’s premise.  They set out to make a Zombie movie that shows the destruction a Zombie virus can cause on around the world.  This is definitely a nice change since the majority of Zombie movies are made on a budget and focus mainly on a single city.  The classics usually mention that much of the world is gone to add to the suspense.  Here we finally get to see a Zombie outbreak in multiple countries dealing with a variety of social and political situations.  The opportunities were endless…

My issue is with the film is the sudden abandonment of that premise in the third act.  Once again we find ourselves in a compound with a small group of survivors with an unreachable item they must acquire.  The problem is, they are also bound by the restrictions of a PG-13 rating.  It’s just not the same.

The other frustration I have is Brad Pitt’s mission.  He’s out to find the source and a cure.  In the film’s third act he simply abandons that mission and settles on a creative solution to hide us from the Zombies.  The smaller films can get by without providing these answers because they usually don’t focus on government operations.  They deal with a simple question:

What would you do to survive a Zombie apocalypse?

The ending felt lazy to me because the actual ‘war’ is shown as the final montage.  There are no answers are given for the outbreak, no real war delivered and no suspense due to the Kindergarten scares the film delivers.  I had high hopes for World War Z.  It definitely has it’s moments.  Namely, an airplane attack that could have been infinitely more terrifying if it took place in a film with a sinister rating.

All in all, it’s probably worth a look if you collect Zombie experiences.  That’s why I went to see it.  I was left wondering about all the moments the film hinted at and flew passed on the way to…  nothing.  And seriously?  No human being can be skewered by a piece of metal and run around pain free three days later.

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PS: Matthew Fox!  You think I didn’t see you but I did!  It’s a shame your scenes got cut.