A Sunday Morning With Pixar’s Brave

December 3, 2012 at 6:00 am

A Sunday Morning With Pixar's Brave | Brave Review


I love cartoons.  I’ve always been fascinated by the amount of work that goes into an animated film be it CG or hand drawn.  I grew up surrounded by Disney classics like Peter Pan, Aladdin, The Lion King, Beauty & The Beast and more.  Then Pixar came along and brought us places we never thought animation could go.  Toy Story inspired me like no other cartoon ever had and the hits kept coming.  One after another, Pixar delivered gorgeous new worlds with loveable characters and a imaginative stories.

Pixar’s tales were full of laughter & emotion.  All from the minds of passionate story tellers and dedicated artists.  I’ve said it many times: I really wish I could draw…

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I never got around to catching Pixar’s Brave when it was in theaters.  (It didn’t help that I wasn’t really that interested) Still, new cartoons are hard to pass up at home on a relaxing Sunday morning.  So my wife and I rented it and once again, Pixar delivered a remarkable world.  The technological leaps they’ve made over the years is simply astounding.  Merida’s flowing red hair is a perfect example of what the studio is capable of.  Brave is a beautiful movie.

A Sunday Morning With Pixar's Brave | Brave Review

However, I felt the characters and story just didn’t have the same impact.  Perhaps it’s not fair to continuously compare Pixar’s current films with the classics of the past but we’ve come to expect so much from them.  I thought Brave’s story was extremely simple almost to a fault.  It’s understandable that Pixar set out to tell a story about the relationship between a mother and daughter but that’s really where it ends.  There aren’t many surprises to be found.  Merida is upset with her mother, acts out, makes a mistake, fixes her mistake and is no longer upset with her mother.

I also felt the supporting cast lacked a real standout.  The closest thing in Brave is the triplets.  They offer a few laughs here and there but they disappear for chunks of time and really don’t contribute much until the end.

A Sunday Morning With Pixar's Brave | Brave Review

To me, Brave set out to tell a story and succeeded.  (I still think they are geniuses.) It just seemed like they found their story and stopped there.  They didn’t push further nor did they take risks.  Here is the story.  Thanks for your time.

Having said that, I still think Brave is one of the best looking animated films of all time and I adore the setting they chose for the film.  The voice acting is spectacular as always and it is a nice little tale.  It just isn’t the classic I hoped it would be.  Bring on Monsters University.

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A Sunday Morning With Pixar's Brave | Brave Review

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