Cheesy Fries & The King’s Speech

January 19, 2011 at 10:56 am

Cheesy Fries & The King's Speech | Movie Review

People say you aren’t supposed to go grocery shopping when you’re hungry.

Likewise, I don’t think it’s wise to go see a movie without having dinner.  Especially when you’re trying to eat healthy. Yet still, I found myself looking up at that wonderful menu before The King’s Speech began.

I ended up going with a hot dog and, you guessed it, cheesy fries.  I highly enjoy cheesy fries.

My girlfriend and I made our way into the theater, which was not surprisingly full due to the overwhelming Oscar buzz the film is receiving.  We sat in the third row and took over about 5 seats for our coats, drinks and food.  Then the movie started and Colin Firth filled the screen with all his stammering magnificence.

Within about 10 minutes, something occurred to me…  People were laughing more than I was.  A lot.

I’m thinking a lot of the people in the audience were a little more fluent in royal history than I was.  There were a ton of references I simply didn’t understand but the crazy laugher behind us did.


It was kind of like an adult version of Nelson from the Simpsons.

Even my girlfriend leaned towards me and said:

“We should have gone to see Black Swan.”

There I was, watching a film about the prestigious King of England and wolfing down Cheesy Fries while the jokes flew over my head. I realized I wasn’t exactly nestled happily inside the film’s target demographic.  In fact, I estimated around 42% of the people in the at theater were probably there when it happened. (Especially Nelson.)

Finishing those fries was bitter sweet.  Bitter because I didn’t have anymore fries but sweet because the film actually gets better as it rolls along and it had my full attention.

Eventually, we arrived at the scene where the King curses.  All kinds of four letter words come out of his mouth and it made me laugh out loud.

I started thinking again.

That’s what made me laugh?  F-Bombs?  What does that say about me?  I’m not sure exactly but I do know what it says about the film.  From that moment on, I was entertained and happy I took the time to see it.  It found a way to pull me in.

When it comes down to the final envelope at Oscar time it will between The King’s Speech and The Social Network I think.  Two completely different films.  (Guess which one I identified with the most.) I think The King’s Speech is a fantastic film but I’m throwing my money behind the movie that allows me to eat cheesy fries guilt free.

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