The Big Questions Of Prometheus

June 9, 2012 at 1:41 pm

The Big Questions Of Prometheus | Prometheus 2012 Review


Prometheus was one of my most anticipated movies of the summer.  Situated right after The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers and just before The Amazing Spider-Man.  We always wanted to know the story behind the Space Jockey but I don’t think anyone was expecting the filmmakers to ask even BIGGER questions in the process.  Prometheus was AWESOME.

Ridley Scott’s newest film is all about our creation.  Who made us?  I can’t get enough movies about aliens and the possibilities that exist beyond our solar system.  Those movies always left me asking myself the big questions and, to me, that’s a successful movie.

Prometheus begins with a gorgeous sequence presumably on Earth in which we meet an ‘Engineer’.  It’s an amazing sequence that’s equal parts mysterious and fascinating.  From there we are taken on a journey to find these ‘Engineers’ and EVERY SINGLE SCENE adds to that fascination.  The very idea behind the Engineers right down to their design was spectacular.  It was so interesting to learn about them.  I couldn’t get enough.

The Big Questions Of Prometheus | Prometheus 2012 Review

I honestly had a moment where I thought the characters didn’t stop enough to reflect on what they were experiencing.  It was almost a little too presumptuous to land on a foreign planet and expect them to have dinner ready.  But then again… ‘They were so wrong’.

I was on board, so to speak, with the entire story.  Every new location they explored answered questions and posed new ones.  Each one more interesting than the next.  Going in, I was expecting a lot of the big questions to remain unanswered with Damon Lindelof’s name attached.  But it was a perfect pace of action vs philosophy.  Plus, you have to leave certain answers out there for the audience to discuss when you are dealing with such ambitious themes and ideas.

The Big Questions Of Prometheus | Prometheus 2012 Review

I think some people might be a little frustrated by the lack of answers to the ‘big’ questions but I appreciated the open ended finale.  There are still so many things we don’t understand about ourselves.  Having said that, we definitely understand a whole lot more about the Space Jockey and the origins of the horrific Xenomorphs.  (Which is awesome by the way)

However, I did have a couple minor complaints.  There were a few moments that were really vague.  For example, Charlize Theron’s character was hard to figure out.  What did she expect to accomplish on the mission?  She seemed to be pretty capable with a flame thrower.  Overall, she came across as remorseless and cold but why?  Certain aspects of her character are answered but the ‘twist’ in the end flipped my theories upside down.  Perhaps another viewing is in order but it’s never good to feel like you missed something.

The Big Questions Of Prometheus | Prometheus 2012 Review

There were also a few scenes that didn’t seem to fit in the overall story.  It felt like Idris Elba didn’t have much to do so they tossed in some flirtation with Charlize’s character.

“Are you a robot?”

At one point, a character returns as a zombie of sorts and causes chaos for the crew without much explanation.  He just arrives, causes a few explosions and then it’s never mentioned again.

But these are minor complaints to say the least.  The big attraction here are the horrific moments caused by the crew’s understandable curiosity.  There are also plenty of disgusting (and awesome) moments that reminded me how much I love this genre and why Ridley is a legend.

It’s a gorgeous movie full of stunning images.  There’s a phenomenal wide shot early on where a ship appears as a mere spec of light traveling across the vastness of space.  The scope and sheer size of this movie is impressive to say the least and so much fun to watch.

Who knows if we will ever be able to answer the big questions…  Upon further reflection, I’ve decided I like the movie better for leaving certain answers out.  It’s about ASKING the questions in the first place.

One of my favorite scenes involved characters discussing whether or not there is a God at all now that they’ve found their makers.

“They made us.”

“Who made them?”

Another fantastic moment involved a robot questioning why he was created and what motivates us to create.  It’s absolutely fascinating stuff and when you factor in the sense of adventure and danger, you have a perfect summer movie that I can’t wait to see again.

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The Big Questions Of Prometheus | Prometheus 2012 Review