Dexter & Screenwriting

August 30, 2010 at 9:56 am

Dexter & Screenwriting

I’m currently reading the first DEXTER novel by Jeff Lindsay: Darkly Dreaming Dexter

It’s a fantastic book.

I’ve already got the second installment on standby and I can’t wait to read more about one of my favorite characters.

Obviously, I’m also a gigantic fan of the Showtime series based on the beloved serial killer.

For more than 4 years now, I’ve been completely engrossed in the groundbreaking show.  It’s unbelievable how good it is if you have yet to see it.  I know I don’t have to explain how amazing it is to those that have.

It literally gets better and better with each successful season.  I’m still shocked at how season 4 ended.

It was one of the most entertaining hours of television I’ve ever seen!

Now, season 5 has raised the bar even higher while delving deeper into the mind of a fascinating character.

This blog is normally slanted more towards the film industry and the movies that inspire me but there is no shortage of inspiring tales on the tube.  The last 5-7 years have been especially gratifying with shows like Lost, Prison Break, True Blood, Mad Men, The Walking Dead and more  grabbing a stranglehold of my imagination.

Dexter is number 1 on that list.

For me it’s all about the writing. The writing on that show is incredible.  Each new episode is so unique, original and clever.  It’s just damn good writing and I have a high level of respect for that team and what they accomplish each week.

They are constantly challenging  themselves to write Dexter into corners and lead him into inescapable situations.  Just when you think they can’t think of a plausible way to get out of it they hit you over the head with a solution you never even thought of.  That group of writers must love going to work everyday.

I’m thankful Dexter exists.

dexter & screenwriting

Last week, I was riding the subway on my way to work reading my Dexter novel.  I had a moment of inspiration just like I would if I were watching the latest jaw dropping episode.

Except this time it wasn’t the ideas and the execution (pun intended) that inspired me.

It was the language, the subtleties and the detail.

The world of Dexter is so well developed that it’s hard not to marvel at the genius of it.

It got me thinking more about word selection and precise and interesting descriptions.  I started thinking about the newest short screenplay I’ve been rewriting the last few weeks.

In that moment, as I sat on that train, my book lowered and I made a decision.

This week, I’ve challenged myself to improve the language of my screenplay.  So I’ve decided to print it out and write from scratch keeping only the absolute best of the previous draft.  The story is out there but now it’s my responsibility to make sure that it’s well told and as entertaining as possible.

I live for moments of inspiration.

Whether it’s a novel, a television series or a film, I’m always on the look out for hidden moments that kick start my need to write.

And I love to write.