How Diddy’s COMING HOME Inspired My New Screenplay

January 10, 2011 at 10:17 pm

Why Diddy's COMING HOME Inspired My New Screenplay

I haven’t touched on music much on this blog but it’s an extremely important aspect in my screenwriting process.  Absolutely vital.

Forgive the expression but I believe you need to ‘hear the music’ in your script as you write it.

Experiment:  Think about your latest screenplay.  Picture each scene with whatever soundtrack you have in your head.  Lets say you’re writing an action adventure with hard rock blasting in your mind.  Now picture the same scenes with something completely different like opera or jazz.  Changes things doesn’t it?

Subconsciously, I think every screenwriter has a basic idea of the kind of music they feel would fit in their movie.  These songs inform your decisions and can help you pace the story in your mind.

But there is another way to use music to your advantage.

Sometimes, a song that has no business in your story keeps popping up.  You know it will never fit and yet you can’t stop playing it while you work.

It inspires you.

Diddy – Dirty Money is a perfect example of a random tune that inspired me.  I’m not sure why but I’m happy it did.

‘Coming Home’ has virtually nothing to do with the style of story I’m currently developing.  Or does it?  I suppose you can never really know when you are in the development stage. 

Maybe it’s perfect?

Essentially, this leads me to two conclusions:  Either the song really does have a place in this movie and I just don’t see it yet or it’s fate that the song came along right when I needed a source of inspiration. 

Inspiration that will ultimately make my screenplay better.

The point is, you can never predict which tunes will fit or which will inspire you.  You just need to be thankful that they exist.

I’ll never know why this song makes me think of my new script.  Perhaps I never will.  But years from now, I’ll randomly hear this song and it will remind me of my story and my passion for writing screenplays.

You can’t ask for a greater impact from a song.