Photoshop: A Cure For Writer’s Block?

September 11, 2010 at 6:58 am

Photoshop Cures Writer's Block

I sat down this morning to start writing a new short that deals with a psychic child and a family crisis.

I’m hoping to start a new trend where I can finish at least one short every month while I finish my feature screenplay.

Since I’ve already completed a short script for June, I’m not under the gun to finish but I’ve encountered a problem.

I’m stuck!

Writer’s block happens to everyone who enjoys telling stories. It’s especially true with screenwriters.

Typically, when I’m blocked, I enjoy being active.  In the past, I would play basketball to keep my mind occupied.  Today, I’m either outside running or at the gym since I no longer have a basketball net.

I’ve also become a fan of playing video games as a way to distract my mind.  (I love playing video games in general but it still helps.)

Some people watch movies.  Others call friends.  There are even those who try to power through it by continually writing.

I’ve recently discovered a new way to cure writer’s block:


I think I can sum up my tactics for curing writer’s block with one word: Hypnotic

It’s strange I know but hear me out…

I engage in an activity that doesn’t require astronomical amounts of brain power. Something that keeps me busy while I work out the problems in my screenplay.  Basketball, Sim City, Cooking etc…

I find that this takes the pressure off my brain and allows me to think clearly.

Over the last few years, I’ve become an obsessed Photoshop hobbyist.  It has quickly developed into a passion.  I love learning new Photoshop techniques.

So when I’m blocked and I can’t type another word, I’ll open up a new Photoshop file and mess around for a while.  Before I know it, I’ve completed an original image that I can be proud of.

Take today for example…  While I was stuck I created the image above.  It took about 30 minutes to complete once I was finished tinkering with the little details.

As an added bonus, I came up with a solution to my screenwriting problem while I was working.

Photoshop saves the day again.

My writer’s blocked is cured!