Screenwriting Inspiration In Photoshop Magazines

February 8, 2012 at 9:40 am

Screenwriting Inspiration In Photoshop Magazines | Screenplay Blog


Every couple months, I pick up a couple new Photoshop Magazines to learn some new tips and techniques.  My absolute favorite is Advanced Photoshop.  Every issue is packed with design inspirations, interviews with passionate artists and incredible images crafted inside Photoshop.

But the latest issue struck a cord for an entirely different reason I did not expect.

Screenwriting Inspiration In Advanced Photoshop Magazine

In an interview with Vasava, founder Bruno Sellés says:

“The thing is, when you do something for the first time you get really excited and you experience lots of fun.  When you do it twice it’s cool because you do it better, though the amount of amusement reduces.  If you repeat this process over and over you really get bored, and you enter the safe zone, where you’re confident although not excited at all.  We like to evolve our styles and techniques in order to get on with every new project.  We don’t like to get stuck in one recognizable style and live in this safe zone.”

It’s an interesting take on design that can easily be applied to screenwriting.

“Writing is a journey into the unknown” (Adaptation 2002)

If you don’t challenge yourself to try new things you will undoubtedly get comfortable and bored.  My new screenplay is different than anything I have ever done because it’s based on deeply personal subject matter.  I find myself constantly second guessing whether I’m making the right choices.  I’m uncomfortable writing it.  It’s interesting that I came across that quote the day I resumed writing after a month away from the script.  It put things into perspective.  I’m supposed to be scared of the unknown.  Working outside of my comfort zone has been both terrifying and liberating at the same time and it’s absolutely normal.

I hope the uneasiness I feel results in a script that’s honest.  There’s a lot of work to be done until the day I type fade out.  I’ve got some emotional hurdles to leap before I get there but that’s all apart of evolving as a screenwriter.

Screenwriting Inspiration In Advanced Photoshop Magazines | Screenplay Blog