Screenwriting Procrastination & The Guilt That Follows

September 19, 2012 at 7:13 am

Screenwriting Procrastination & The Guilt That Follows


May 30th, 2012

I put my blog on hold for the summer for many reasons but a big part of it was my lack of progress as a screenwriter.  The Summer of Screenwriting did NOT begin as I had hoped.

I woke up fairly early with an entire afternoon ahead of me before my evening shift at work.  Screenwriters with jobs will agree that 4 or 5 free hours should be seized as chunks of time don’t materialize often.  When I woke up, I was extremely excited to get started but slowly my enthusiasm faded.  Fatigue took over.  For the first time in a long time, I didn’t feel pressure to complete a short script or a new blog post.  There weren’t any nagging graphics to be completed and I had caught up on all my emails.

I wanted a day off from everything.

So I turned on the television and watched The A-Team.  When that was over I walked my dog, ate lunch and decided to watch The Road for a second time.  It felt great to wake up and just relax for a change.

Then came…  The Guilt.

Did I waste a golden opportunity?  Or simply take some time to recharge before diving in?

I think my free afternoon did me a lot of good but there were a lot of scenes I could have written.  Some days, it’s really difficult to sit down and write.  It’s a struggle.  But it shouldn’t be.  And that’s what I was dealing with as the credits rolled on my afternoon double feature.  If I’m supposed to be taking the summer off to finish a screenplay and develop another then why didn’t I WRITE…

I felt pressured again.  This summer, I aim to answer the questions I’ve been asking myself for over a decade.  Do I have what it takes to write screenplays?

As I rode the bus to work, I read over my notes and smiled.

I’m allowed to have a day to myself!

I’m not under any deadlines.  There aren’t any producers waiting for this draft.  I’m writing for me.  That’s what this whole Summer of Screenwriting is about after all.

The guilt began to fade and I felt better about my decision to put off my screenplay just a little longer.  It turns out, all I needed was one afternoon and I’m thankful I took advantage of it.

The Summer of Screenwriting: Looking Back

I’m glad I took that day off.  I certainly wasn’t the only time I took a day to myself.

Why put so much pressure on myself?  I was used to having a list of things to get done everyday.  It’s tough to break out of that mentality.  Screenwriting should NEVER feel like work.  It’s supposed to be fun and challenging but the worst thing I could have done was force myself to write.  That day was exactly what I needed.