Screenwriting & The Game Of Thrones Theme

January 30, 2012 at 4:34 pm

Screenwriting & The Game Of Thrones Theme | Screenwriting Blog

I was bound to cave sooner or later…

After months of recommendations and glowing reviews from my friends, I finally decided to give Game of Thrones a shot.  Whoa.  I now regret waiting as long as I did.  The show is absolutely phenomenal and I’m very proud to consider myself a part of it’s rapidly growing fan base.  Especially with the newest (and amazing) trailer for Season 2 working it’s way around the web this week.

Over the last week or so, I powered my way through the exceptional first season while avoiding spoilers from virtually every fan I know.  At the same time, I read a lot about the books on which the series is based.  It’s a pretty fantastic world that author George R. R. Martin created.

What’s impressive about the television series is how well they established the world and the multiple story lines.  It’s not easy creating a brand new world full of new characters, locations and cultures on the small screen.  That’s part of the charm of Game of Thrones.  By the end of the second episode, I was hooked and completely addicted to Winterfell, The Wall, The Starks, The Lannisters and the Iron Throne.

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Something funny happened as I watched the first season.  I found myself looking forward to the opening credits sequence at the beginning of each episode.  Beyond that, I found myself humming the song constantly while I thought about my latest screenplay. The song fit very well into an action script I’ve been developing.  I don’t mean to suggest that the opening theme could find a place in the movie someday.  I simply felt inspired to write whenever I heard that song.  I helped me get into my world and think creatively.

It’s funny how fate can sometimes step in when you are writing a new screenplay.  Perhaps I was meant to delay watching the series until I was ready to write my new script?  I like to think I was destined to fall in love with that theme and use it as a spark in my own writing.

Inspiration comes in many forms.  Whenever something that triggers my creativity comes along, I try to seize every moment and write as much as I can.  My new script has absolutely nothing to do with swords, knights, Lords or Kings.  Yet here I am, playing the opening to Game of Thrones over and over again and writing…

It’s a good thing the show is amazing too.  Win Win!

Do you connect songs to your screenplays?  What other influences do you hold close while you write?  Music? Art? Other screenplays?  Movies?  Television shows?

Screenwriting & The Game Of Thrones Theme | Screenwriting Blog

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