The Day Before I Launched A Screenwriting Website

May 8, 2013 at 8:37 am

The Day Before I Launched A Screenwriting Website


Last summer, I challenged myself to put this blog aside and finish a new feature length screenplay.  I did.  It was an amazing experience that ended a year of doubt when it came to screenwriting.  I had spent so long thinking only of shorts I could produce I lost confidence that I could create enough content to fill the pages of a feature.

When I finished that script, I immediately began developing a new screenplay that would become my take on the superhero genre.  Towards the end of 2012, I gathered all my notes and script pages and began writing.  I made it through the first act and ran into a little bit of trouble.

Around this time, I got an idea for a new screenwriting website and decided it would become a hobby project.  I also stopped writing my superhero tale in favor of more development time.  Months passed and I continued working on both project in addition to regular posts on this job.  If there’s one thing my Summer of Screenwriting taught me, it was how to budget my time.  About a month ago, I had a big breakthrough in my screenplay.  It was a wonderfully inspiring moment as I was getting frustrated.  I didn’t know if I would ever crack the story and truly immerse myself in the world.  Thankfully, that wasn’t the case and I couldn’t wait to get started.

However, I was nearly finished building The Screenwriting Spark and I wanted to launch it before diving into a screenplay again.  Today is that day.  It took a while to finish the site but I hope screenwriters will find a creative spark there if they need it.  It certainly sparked my need to get back to writing.

Launch day is finally here.  Yesterday I woke up and my to-do list was empty. Over the last few months, I completely reorganized my online life.  I redesigned and simplified The Athletic Nerd, eliminated some of the creative clutter on my desk and designed a brand new site.  I’m all caught up.

What did I do with my free time before my shift?  I fired up the first act of my superhero screenplay, read it and began a brand new first draft.  I always say I missed screenwriting after a long lay off but that’s just a cop out.  I could have been writing all along.  I know it.  When I first started this screenplay, I thought I would have it finished before 2013 began.  I was wrong but I care more about the story now than I did in the Fall.  That’s more important to me.  Screenwriting is my escape from stress.  An activity that’s just for me.  If I don’t care about a story, it’s tough to keep my mind occupied and I wind up getting stuck.

Creating The Screenwriting Spark was just another challenge but it did the trick.  I created a website I hope will inspire screenwriters.  It certainly inspired me.  I don’t know when I’ll finish my latest screenplay but I’m just taking things one day at a time now.  No pressure.  Just writing.

Check out The Screenwriting Spark and let me know what you think!