The Importance Of The Screenwriter’s Notebook

June 17, 2010 at 9:41 am

The Athletic Nerd: Screenwriting

I was in Walmart a few days ago picking up a few things when I passed the “back to school section”.

Rows of pens, books, rulers, erasers and most importantly…  Notebooks.

I like buying notebooks. Especially when I’ve just filled one up with movie ideas and I need a new one.

It’s no secret I consider myself a nerd but honestly, there’s something exciting about a blank notebook isn’t there?

It’s inspiring.

Every screenwriter is loyal to their method of writing down ideas for films.  We all collect our thoughts somewhere.

  • Some people have folders full of stories on hard drives or in filing cabinets.
  • Some people have bins full of napkins, post its and bits of paper.
  • Some people, like me, enjoy a blank page and a good pen.

My new notebook is going to be home to two specific projects in the coming months.

  • A new feature script I want to write in the fall.
  • An eBook I’ve been planning for a long time.

I think one of the advantages of writing it down first is you eventually have to type it up.  It’s almost like a forced rewrite.

I also love going back and reading notes I wrote long ago for forgotten stories.

Sometimes, those stories make come backs.  Sometimes, they bring back memories.

Either way it’s good news.

The Importance Of The Screenwriter's Notebook | Screenwriting Blog