The Screenplay Is Finished But My Printer Is Broken

November 7, 2012 at 10:06 am

The Screenplay Is Finished But My Printer Is Broken | Screenwriting Blog

July 31, 2012

Hot pages are erupting from my printer and my heart is racing.  I’m about to hold my brand new screenplay for the first time.  I can’t wait to flip through the pages.  I’m looking forward to reading it without sitting in front of a computer screen or holding up my iPad.

Halfway through, the printer spits out a blank page.  My heart skips a beat.   Thankfully, it’s a false alarm as page 49 is printed as planned.

Then…  My worst nightmare…  (At least from a screenwriting point of view.)  With 30 pages to go, the ink starts to fade.  My first print out isn’t perfect!?  Unacceptable!  Still, the pages are still readable.  With 10 pages left there is virtually nothing left.  The ink cartridge is living on borrowed time.  I’m starting to wonder if it’ll make it to page 1.

5 is readable.

4 requires mild straining.

3 will need several words penned in.

…  2…  Never made it.

And so my first print out was ruined.  I didn’t even get a full script.  103 out of 105 pages with 30 of them faded.  My celebration must wait.  I’ll be visiting a printing place first thing in the morning.

The Summer of Screenwriting: Looking Back

It took an extra week before I finally got to hold the script in my hands.  (Isn’t that a great feeling?) I finally sat down to read and found a typo on page 20.  But at least I got to punch holes in my work and slip a couple brass brads in them.  A feature length screenplay that I wrote.

The pinnacle of the screenwriter’s journey.

I have a new journey to complete now and I can’t wait for my printer to break down at the worst possible moment again.