There’s Something Cool About A 3 Page Screenplay

September 28, 2010 at 8:11 am

The Athletic Nerd Screenwriting Blog There's Something Cool About A 3 Page Screenplay

Recently, I’ve been writing a series of 3 page screenplays while riding the subway to work.

Using my iPhone and Scripts Pro, I’ve been creating little episodes of a series I call:


To date, I’ve completed 3 chapters of the series and I’ve been having a blast.

It’s essentially an experiment I came up with the night I watched the gigantic and entertaining finale to Lost.  (Though it took a while to get started.)

I wanted to test myself to see if I could develop a mystery on my own and create interesting characters around it.

Call it practice.  Call it an assignment.

I call it something fun to do instead of staring at strange people on the train.

AFTER is a horror story that begins after a couple dies and find themselves wandering a strange forest.  Eventually, they find their way to a cabin and a truly horrific discovery.

I honestly think the villain in this story will give people nightmares.

I’m also enjoying the format in which I’m telling the story.

3 page scripts.  Each ending with a cliffhanger.

Maybe it will become a web series some day.  Perhaps the story can be adapted into a feature later on.  I could always take these chapters and use them as an outline.  The options are limitless.

For now, I’m simply focusing on telling the story.

Writing little 3 page screenplays is a great way to stay sharp and challenge your creativity.

Why not?

Do you have a commute or some down time?  You don’t need necessarily need an iPhone but you can always be working on something.

Why not write something new and spontaneous.  You’ve got nothing to lose.

That’s what I find cool about 3 page screenplays. They may not turn into much but for me it’s all about writing.

It’s what I love to do!