Movies That Scarred Me For Life: The Complete 12 Part Series

October 25, 2011 at 6:09 am

Movies That Scarred Me For Life: The Complete Series | Movie Blog

I don’t think there is a movie fan on the planet that doesn’t have a list like this. Movies that scarred you for life. Most people immediately think of the horror movies that kept them up at night. I’m sure statistically, horror movies make up 90% of the films that send chills up your spine when you think about them. This series was always about more than just horror films. Even Disney movies can have a lasting affect on you for all the wrong reasons. Beyond that, there are also the movies that absolutely disappoint you so much that you can’t bare to watch them again. Movies that literally anger you because you expected so much more.

Combined, this series looked at everything from Spiders to bad sequels.

Check out the entire ‘Movies That Scarred Me For Life’ Series below and be sure to comment. What movies have haunted you?

The Prologue: Polkaroo is scary too!

Black Robe


My Life

Event Horizon

Ernest Scared Stupid

Paranormal Activity

Dumb & Dumberer




The Little Mermaid

The Human Centipede

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10 Flicks: Movies With Rules

October 28, 2010 at 9:46 am

10 Flicks: Movies With Rules

There are so many movies that take you to an amazing new worlds you’ve never seen before.

Films that challenge your imagination to believe in the impossible.

Sometimes, there are clear sets of rules to help you navigate these worlds.

  • Rules to survive a horror movie.
  • Rules to pick up women.
  • Rules to stay alive.
  • Rules to keep you safe.

Movies with rules…

Here are 10 of the best:



Wedding Crashers

i Robot






Fight Club

All Time Best: Movie Monster

October 13, 2010 at 6:22 am

All Time Best: Movie Monster

Movie monsters.

How can you possibly pick one out of so many iconic beasts that have clawed their way through movie screens over the years?

Whether it’s giant, destructive creatures like Godzilla or a kind alien like E.T we are all attached to a monster or two in some capacity.

What’s your favorite movie monster?

Is it a ruthless terror or a brute with heart?

While most of my favorite monsters are seen in the biggest horror and action films, my pick is probably one of the most endearing creatures of all time.


all time best movie monster gizmo gremlins

Just looking at him makes me laugh.  Look at him wave!

“Bright light!”

I think Gizmo the Mogwai is one of the most recognizable monsters in existence.  Whether you have seen the Gremlins films or not you still know someone who has a dog named Gizmo.  If you don’t then your dog is named Gizmo for sure.

How can you avoid falling in love with a little fur ball who wants to be Rambo!

A tribute to Gizmo.

The All Time Best Movie Monster.

All Time Best Movie Monster Gizmo Gremlins

PS: Click here and enjoy the best Gizmo video of them all…  The Sorry Song.

10 Flicks: Awesome Horror Comedies

September 27, 2010 at 11:13 am

10 Flicks: Awesome Horror Comedies

A few weeks ago, I was right in the middle of a debate at work. The argument began when myself and a friend expressed our excitement for Hatchet 2.

A few people who had seen the first Hatchet disagreed.  Essentially, the conflict could be summed up with one question:

Are movies like Hatchet any good?

In order to answer that question, Team Hatchet came up with a list of Horror Comedies and the cult following they have achieved.

Admittedly, horror comedies are only for certain audiences who appreciate them.  Happily, I’m one of them.

Here are the 10 of the best:

Evil Dead

Bruce Campbell.  You can’t talk about horror comedies without mentioning Ash and his adventures in the Evil Dead trilogy.

10 Flicks: Awesome Horror Comedies

Evil Dead 2

Sam Raimi is awesome.  That is all.

10 Flicks: Awesome Horror Comedies


Spiders literally paralyze me with fear.  Once a year, I make a trip to the zoo just to dare myself to look into the Black Widow cage.  I regret it every time.

This movie scared me more than any other movie I can think of except THIS


Second only to Gremlins as my favorite ‘Little Monster’ movie.


I’m not a fan of the follow up films but this one has stuck with me over the years.


“What kind of thing wants you to eat it!”  I laughed out loud several times during this flick.


The movie that started the debate.  By no means is it the greatest horror movie of all time but it’s definitely among the best tributes to horror.  Director Adam Green is a massive fan and his knowledge of the genre bleeds through this instant fan favorite.


A new addition to my horror comedy collection but a welcome one as well.


The first movie I thought of.  One of the classics.

Shaun Of The Dead

Easily my favorite movie on this list.  Changed the way I’ll look at movies forever.