8 Independent Film Projects: Shorts, Features, Animation and More

November 26, 2012 at 9:36 am

8 Independent Film Projects: Shorts, Features, Animation and More | Independent Film Blog

Have you watched a short film today?


Here is a fantastic short film directed by Kerry Conran (Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow)

Here is a behind the scenes look:


A short film by Jake Ross & Jake Dolgy about the shift in the way we communicate with each other.

“Journey into the world of contemporary online social interaction.”

Visit Pocket Jakes for more.


An animated short film by Nate Milton.

“A boy finds a connection between his fish tank and a pond in the woods. There looms inside the pond, a giant amphibian.

Click here for more on the film.




This feature film by Fabrizio Federico premiered at the Raindance Film Festival.  You can watch the entire film here.

Click here for more.


WEBSITE | James Bond 007 Cars

FEATURE FILM | The Dying Eye by Shiphrah Meditz (Official Blog)

FEATURE FILM | Once Upon A Whitsun by Samuel Hathaway

SHORT FILM | By the Light of the Silvery Moon by Evgueni Mlodik

WEBSITE | Classic Movie Woodcuts


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10 Independent Film Projects: Short Films, Features, Animation and more!

October 29, 2012 at 9:33 am

10 Independent Film Projects.  Shorts, features, animated and more!

Have you watched a short film today?


I highly enjoyed this super stylish animated short film by Damian Nenow. I included a CGI breakdown that’s really interesting.

Click here for more.


The tale of a troubled couple, visited by an ominous bird bearing hope and tragedy.  Directed by Andrew Griffin and featuring Kate Dickie (Prometheus), Davie McKay (My Name is Joe), Gary Lewis (Gangs of New York) & Lorraine Stanley (London To Brighton).


An animated short film by Adam Temple.  I’m a big fan of the animation style.


An extremely unique take on the classic fairy tale.  Written and directed by Louis J. Parker & Dominique Miranda

“RED RIDING explores the terrifying notion that people may not always be as they seem. It is the story of a young girl who discovers the sinister intentions that lay behind an enticing smile. Using only environment, movements and human expressions, we aimed to create a visually striking piece accompanied by a powerful score from Icelandic composer, Biggi Hilmars.”


Here’s is a SCI FI short film full of fantastic visual effects directed by Jesse O’Brien.

The team behind this short is currently trying to get a feature film version off the ground.  Click here for more.


A clever animated short by Mitchell Counsell.

LA FAMEUSE ROUTE (The Notorious Road)

Written and directed by Adolf El Assal, this short was recently turned into a feature film called Les Fameux Gars.  You can check out the trailer here.



The Silent City (Short – Animated/Live Action)

A scene adapted from the novel The Corruption of Michael Levitt. (Short – Live Action)

Irish horror feature film The Green Marker Scare. (Feature – Animated)


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Indie Features, Trailers, Short Films and a Web Based TV Network

May 27, 2012 at 8:45 am

The Athletic Nerd Independent Film Blog

Have you watched a short film today?


A cool Sci Fi short film directed by Clark Baker.  Awesome creature work BTW!

“VESSEL features a blend of old school, practical creature effects and slick, modern day VFX. The story focuses on Liberty Airlines’ Flight 298 and its passengers. Shortly after takeoff, the passengers encounter an otherworldly force and are thrown into a fight for their lives”

Visit www.vesselmovie.com for more.


“Ever wanted to run your own TV Network, or get TV exposure? XSNetwork is the world’s first interactive web-television network, giving viewers control!”

The XS Network is an interactive web based television network that aims to promote independent films, musicians, artists, filmmakers and more through original programming.

Support the XS Network by visiting their Indiegogo page and check out their official site here.


A musical animated short from 2009 by Simon Fiedler, Thomas Gugel and Christian Lerch


For more check out Wingless Films on Twitter.


This trailer for an upcoming feature comedy is courtesy of www.asetofworks.com.  Check them out for more.


This Zombie short films comes from 16 year old director Sam Toller.  For more on the project check out wearewhatweeatthemovie.tumblr.com.

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Still Motion, Screenwriting Websites, Faster Productions & Producer Tucker Tooley

April 2, 2012 at 10:11 am

Short films, trailers, independent film

Have you watched a short film today?


Still Motion is gearing up to launch SMAPP.  A new iOS app for filmmakers.

“SMAPP was designed to not only make the filmmaking process easier, but also to help the filmmaker really understand the decisions they are making. Learning this craft can be intimidating and there are so many tools that we often don’t even realize we have, or we don’t fully understand how to best use to tell our story effectively. SMAPP was created to make all of filmmaking more approachable and to empower the filmmaker to tell relevant and meaningful stories, their stories, with more confidence than ever before.” stillmotion

In addition to tips, the Still Motion team will also include highly informative tutorials.  I think it’s fantastic to hear practical, real world advice from people who are out there shooting everyday.  If you’re just diving in to the world of filmmaking, explore Still Motion’s website and give SMAPP a try when it’s released.

Click here for more information on SMAPP.


10 Tools That Will Save Your Life (on a film shoot, that is) from stillmotion on Vimeo.


Are you a screenwriter?  Check out the biggest list of screenwriting websites you’ll find online. 

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The Athletic Nerd Screenwriting Blog | Top 100 Screenwriting Websites


“Stranded is a melancholic coastal based drama which is equally visually striking with an extremely bold colour scheme – a violent man, his disabled brother, an estranged middle aged mother, her teenage daughter, a troubled man in his late 50s and a flamboyant pensioner sunning herself alone on the beach. All 6 people will find themselves – emotionally or physically – stranded.”

The film was directed by Luther Bhogal-Jones.  The filmmaker also has a blog with extensive behind the scenes information on the entire production process.  It’s a really interesting read.

Watch Stranded then read the blog here.

Stranded from Faster Productions on Vimeo.

Check out more films from Faster Productions here.


ArcLight is back in this edition of The Post with another insightful interview.  This time producer Tucker Tooley (Mirror, Mirror) talks about the film industry and how he worked his way to the top.

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Kevin Smith & Independent Filmmaking

February 11, 2011 at 1:17 pm

Kevin Smith vs The Studios | Red State | Movie Blog


Kevin Smith is right.  He definitely generated a ton of hype for the world premiere of Red State at Sundance this year with basically no cost at all.  Movie sites, bloggers, fans and critics were all talking about his plan to auction off the distribution rights after the screening.

It was a ballsy move for sure.  What if the movie didn’t connect to the audience?  Would it blow up in his face?

Little did we know, selling the rights to distribute and market his film was never his intention at all.

Here is his speech after the screening:

His intention was to prove that you could make and distribute a film for far less than the studios spend on films these days.  So he bid $20 bucks on his own movie in a symbolic gesture to prove that times are changing in the independent film world.

THE LINK: Slashfilm


His plan is simple.  Instead of selling a 4 million dollar film to a studio who would then spend 20 million to market the flick, he would distribute the film as part of a cross country tour leading to a theatrical release he would orchestrate himself.

“It’s too much ****ing horse **it, I just want to tell ****ing stories.”

So he will take his film on the road armed with 1.7 twitter followers, his ever expanding podcasting network and the word of mouth of his loyal fans.  There have even been protests both for and against the film and it’s religious themes. It’s all free publicity for Red State in the end.  Is he on to something?

This plan has been met with mixed results.

“Why would anyone outside of Hollywood be upset if he found a way to beat the studios at their own game? But the idea that what Smith is trying to do is somehow applicable to small, independent filmmakers is complete nonsense.” Screen Junkies

“Amidst your overlong monologue of self-gratification, you mentioned that instead of having the studios pay to release your film, you were going to have us, the audience, pay you out of our pockets to fund it. Then, in passing, you quickly alluded to a crucial financial figure; for this ‘privilege’ of seeing your flick, we’d each have to pay “six, seven, ten times the price of a normal movie ticket”. (Pre-sale pricing released today confirms ticketing starts at $68.25 for nosebleeds, up to $142.70) You then defended this by adding that you’d follow the screening with a Q&A. What fanboy should (or could) drop that kind of coin to see a film? And now the question that must be asked…would Dante or Randal be able to afford that?” Joblo

Personally, I think HE can pull it off but I’m not entirely sure how that will translate to filmmakers like me who don’t have 1.7 million followers to draw attention to our films.

In all honesty, I think it’s a great idea.  I think if it works it will open a lot of doors for him.  What he is doing is creating an alternative to the studio system.  Can you make a movie without spending ridiculous amounts of money on marketing?

I think it depends on who you ask.  Take Christopher Nolan’s Inception.  That movie received a ton of marketing cash in addition to the $160 million dollar production budget.  The film went on to make more than $800 million world wide. (Boxofficemojo)

Will he ever see those kinds of numbers with his new strategy?  Does it even matter?  Again, it depends on who you ask.  Honestly, I’m looking forward to seeing how well Red State does.  He is putting a lot on the line for his first Horror film.

If people do pay large amounts of money, is it because of the film or the Q&A that will follow? What if the film fails?  Will his tour have a positive or negative effect once the film reaches theaters?

On the other hand, what if the plan works and he opens a few doors by creating  a new distribution model.  He could position himself to help and inspire a lot of filmmakers out there.  Perhaps other people will follow his lead and start championing lower budget films as well.  Perhaps indie filmmakers will be more willing to release their own films as well.

A lot of people complain about the lack of originality in Hollywood these days.  Everything depends on the bottom line.  Kevin Smith’s new adventure could lead to more and more originality on the big screen thanks to the visions of countless indie filmmakers out there that don’t have access to the studio distribution system.  He’s potentially giving aspiring filmmakers another avenue to reach an audience.

I’m pretty pumped to see where this road leads.  I hope the tour stops in Toronto eventually because I would definitely pay to see Red State before it’s proposed theatrical run in the fall.

“True independence isn’t making a film and selling it to some jack ass.”

XTRA: Kevin Smith’s Red State Inspires Indie Filmmakers