Star Wars Episode VII: J.J Abrams Round Up

January 25, 2013 at 8:10 am

Star Wars Episode VII: J.J Abrams Round Up

This is the second part in my Star Wars Episode VII Round Up Series.  It’s still hard to believe that a brand new Star Wars movie is on the way.  When Disney first made the announcement, I did what any Star Wars geek would do.  I searched online for every tidbit of information I could find.

The result was my Star Wars Episode VII Story Round Up.  Over 25 fantastic articles and videos from around the web.  Those articles are packed with story speculation, screenplay news, casting rumors and short lists for directors.  Which brings us to today’s round up.  J.J Abrams is officially directing Star Wars Episode VII!

XTRA | The Number 1 Reason Why J.J Abrams is Perfect For Star Wars

He was at the top of many wish lists to take the helm.  I think it’s a perfect fit even though he’s already directed two Star Trek movies.  The Master Franchise Builder has a new project and it’s the biggest of them all.  Bringing Star Wars back to the big screen.

Once again, I scoured the web looking for analysis and breakdowns once the news broke.  Here are some of the best I came across:

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Do you think Star Wars is in good hands?

The Number 1 Reason Why J.J Abrams is Perfect for Star Wars Episode VII

January 25, 2013 at 8:05 am

The Number 1 Reason Why J.J Abrams is Perfect for Star Wars Episode VII


Star Wars Episode VII Story Round Up

Months ago, J.J Abrams admitted that he was approached to direct Star Wars Episode VII and ‘apparently’ turned it down.

“I have some original stuff I am working on next,” said Abrams (EW)

Well, either he was lying or LucasFilm head Kathleen Kennedy is very persistent.

I’m a huge fan of J.J Abrams work. His movies and television series are among the best I’ve seen in the last decade. Super 8, Mission Impossible 3, Lost, Fringe, Star Trek… It’s pretty hard to find another director out there with so many high profile projects. (Joss Whedon comes to mind as another.)

His past work may have earned him the coveted Star Wars gig but that’s not why I’m excited. To me, the number 1 reason he’s perfect for the job is because he’s a fan like us. There’s a reason why Kathleen Kennedy didn’t give up.


“As a kid I was always a fan of special effects,” Abrams said. “Watching movies I was constantly trying to figure out how they did it, whatever the effect was. Star Wars was the first movie that blew my mind in that way; it didn’t matter how they did any of it because it was all so overwhelmingly and entirely great. It was funny and romantic and scary and compelling and the visual effects just served the characters and story. It galvanized for me; not for what was exciting about how movies were made, but rather for what movies were capable of.” (EW)

Every Star Wars fan has an opinion on the original trilogy vs the prequels.  Some people liked the new films while others thought George Lucas ruined everything.  Personally, I enjoyed Episode 1 & 3 just fine.  They were Star Wars movies after all.  Still, hardcore fans of the original series were let down by characters like Jar Jar Binks.

XTRA | The People vs George Lucas vs Me

J.J Abrams adores Star Wars.  It’s like they hired one of us to direct the film. I don’t think we have to worry about all of our major complaints.  He’s probably thinking the same thing.  It’s a fascinating development.  Can you imagine growing up with Star Wars and one day being able to direct an episode of the saga!?  Only one human being on the planet can make that claim and he also happens to be one of the most creative and imaginative directors working today.  With Abrams at the helm, we can all rest assured that he has the franchises best interest at heart.  Perhaps this is going to be the return to Empire Strikes Back?

It’s too early to speculate on tone but I’m stoked.  J.J Abrams is a remarkable director who comes from the school of Steven Spielberg.  A Star Wars geek is directing the new Star Wars movie!

The Rundown Ep. 25 | A Tribute To J.J Abrams | 2011 Super 8 Coverage


…  This is awkward…

Star Trek…  The other franchise.  Long have fans argued the merits of both legendary series.  You can’t argue that they’ve never been united like this.  I’m a fan of both franchises but can someone honestly take on both?  One way or another we will get an answer to that question.  My prediction?  He’ll be just fine.

Some people will view his involvement with Star Trek as a negative and I understand that.  It’s probably the number 1 reason why he shouldn’t direct Star Wars Episode VII.  He’s made one amazing space film already with the promising sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness on the way.  I think that’s why he originally turned down the job.

“Well, I’m just a fan of Star Wars. As a kid, Star Wars was much more my thing than Star Trek was. If you look at the last three Star Wars films and what technology allowed them to do, they covered so much terrain in terms of design, locations, characters, aliens, ships — so much of the spectacle has been done and it seems like every aspect has been covered, whether it’s geography or design of culture or weather system or character or ship type. Everything has been tapped in those movies. The challenge of doing Star Trek — despite the fact that it existed before Star Wars — is that we are clearly in the shadow of what George Lucas has done.” (Hero Complex)

In my opinion, he knocked Star Trek out of the park and that wasn’t even his ‘thing’ growing up!?  Outstanding.

Just listening to the amount of thought he puts into his work is encouraging enough.  I’m sure talking about Star Wars will light him up even more.  This is great news.

Bring on the next big Star Wars Episode VII reveal!

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Disney & Star Wars: 5 Things I Love & A Couple Things I Don’t

November 12, 2012 at 7:53 am

Disney & Star Wars: 5 Things I Love & A Couple Things I Don't | Star Wars Episode VII

Weeks later, I’m still blown away that there is a new Star Wars movie on the way.  Just about every day since Disney announced the purchase of LucasFilm there has been new rumors and news.  Movie fans around the world are speculating on plot, directors, writers and more. We got one answer late last week as screenwriter Michael Arndt has been confirmed to pen the script.  Still, there are plenty of major questions out there to ponder.

XTRA | Star Wars Episode VII Story Round Up

What will Disney do with the Star Wars Universe?  How will they expand on such a massively popular property?

I’m obviously a fan of the deal so I thought I’d share the 5 things that excite me the most and a few things that bug me.



I’ve never been to Disney World or any other Disney theme park for that matter.  I hope to change that someday but even now, I have no plans to make my way down to Florida.  However, a huge Star Wars theme park might speed plans up a bit.  I think this one is a no brainer.  At some point, Disney is bound to announce a massive park full of Star Wars themed attractions.


The long rumored Star Wars live action TV show was recently put on hold.  Perhaps due to the impending purchase?  The thought of a prime time Star Wars drama on ABC is pretty exciting even if it is unlikely.  Forgive the pun but there is definitely a new hope for the TV series.


It’s only been a short time but I’m already devouring every single Star Wars article I see throughout my travels on the web.  We are talking about a new Star Wars movie!  Every tidbit of news will be covered on every major movie news site followed by endless analysis and speculation.  It’s a good time to be a Star Wars fan.  Two weeks ago, the thought of a new movie was only a dream.

Following this move’s development is going to be so much fun.


I’m shocked that Pixar hasn’t tackled a Marvel movie since Disney purchased the Superhero stable a few years ago.  Pixar + Marvel is a match made in heaven.  But a Pixar/Star Wars movie would be absolutely insane.  Could it happen?  Probably not in the next few years but you never know.  I’d love to see what those geniuses come up if they were given the keys to the Death Star.


A new Star Wars movie is one thing but a movie directed by someone other than George Lucas is intriguing to say the least.  A new filmmaker will soon be hired and I can’t imagine the pressure.  Somewhere there is a confident filmmaker who will breath new life into one of the most successful franchises of all time.

That’s a lot to take on.  However, the direction they take the series is the single most fascinating element of the big announcement.  What will happen next? Will the original stars return?  Luke, Leia & Han have already said they are open to returning.  What will  Episode 7 add to the Star Wars legacy?

I’m so excited I can’t stand it…

Disney & Star Wars: 5 Things I Love & A Couple Things I Don't | Star Wars Episode VII


Don’t go crazy…

Too much too soon is a mistake.  I just described Theme Parks, Pixar Movies, Sequels and more but I’m also hoping Disney paces itself.  We don’t want Star Wars overload after all these years.

Empire Strikes Back is (arguably) the best for a reason. Let’s get back to that.

I’m a fan of the prequel trilogy to an extent.  I loved Episode 1, tolerated 2 and enjoyed 3.  The biggest complaint I had about the newest films was tone.  They were bright and colorful and featured characters like Jar Jar Binks.  Episode 3 took us to a darker place but it was a little late and didn’t have the same impact of Empire.

When I talk about the excitement surrounding a new director coming on board, I sincerely hope their favorite is Empire Strikes Back.  Whatever direction they decide, I can’t wait to see it.

Develop the movie and THEN discuss the toys please…

I understand that Disney is going to capitalize on the Star Wars toy market.  It was probably one of the main reasons why the purchase was considered in the first place.  A new movie will mean billions of merchandise sold around the world.  The toy tie ins will have to be discussed but I really hope they don’t impact the direction they take the franchise.

I just want the new movie to be good.  That’s all I ask.