10 Flicks: Movies With Awesome Opening Scenes

March 20, 2012 at 1:51 am

10 Flicks: Movies With Awesome Opening Scenes


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Mission Impossible 3

“We put an explosive charge in your head…”

The introduction of Owen Davian is ruthless and awesome.


Tension.  We don’t need to see the shark to be terrified of what lies beneath the waves.

Inglourious Basterds

In true Tarantino fashion, Inglourious Basterds’ opening is full of amazing dialogue, suspense and action.

The Dark Knight

How could I leave out the introduction of one of the coolest villains we’ve ever seen on the big screen?  Not to mention it’s an incredible bank heist.

The Social Network

When they first announced ‘The Facebook Movie’ I was skeptical but within 2 minutes I was hooked.  This brilliant opening scene introduces us to a fascinating and flawed main character using nothing but well written dialogue.

Casino Royale

You can’t talk about opening scenes without James Bond’s name coming up.  With so many choices I had to go with Casino Royale for it’s quiet desaturated beauty.

Star Wars: A New Hope

Ignore the prequels.  Our first glimpse of Darth Vader is just as bad ass today.

Reservoir Dogs

Tarantino again.  I suppose you could put the opening scenes from all of his movies and they would feel right at home on this list.  Obviously Pulp Fiction belongs but Reservoir Dogs is no slouch when it comes to openings.  Only Tarantino can make something as ‘ordinary’ as tipping waitresses so unbelievably interesting.


…  Look there’s a cop car…  No big deal, I’ll just drive the speed limit because I’ve got nerves of steel…

Easily one of the best ‘getaway’ scenes you’ll ever see and an absolutely awesome beginning to a great movie.


Truly embodies the meaning of iconic.  Goodfellas grabs you the second the gangsters open the trunk and never lets go.

Cheesy Fries & The King’s Speech

January 19, 2011 at 10:56 am

Cheesy Fries & The King's Speech | Movie Review

People say you aren’t supposed to go grocery shopping when you’re hungry.

Likewise, I don’t think it’s wise to go see a movie without having dinner.  Especially when you’re trying to eat healthy. Yet still, I found myself looking up at that wonderful menu before The King’s Speech began.

I ended up going with a hot dog and, you guessed it, cheesy fries.  I highly enjoy cheesy fries.

My girlfriend and I made our way into the theater, which was not surprisingly full due to the overwhelming Oscar buzz the film is receiving.  We sat in the third row and took over about 5 seats for our coats, drinks and food.  Then the movie started and Colin Firth filled the screen with all his stammering magnificence.

Within about 10 minutes, something occurred to me…  People were laughing more than I was.  A lot.

I’m thinking a lot of the people in the audience were a little more fluent in royal history than I was.  There were a ton of references I simply didn’t understand but the crazy laugher behind us did.


It was kind of like an adult version of Nelson from the Simpsons.

Even my girlfriend leaned towards me and said:

“We should have gone to see Black Swan.”

There I was, watching a film about the prestigious King of England and wolfing down Cheesy Fries while the jokes flew over my head. I realized I wasn’t exactly nestled happily inside the film’s target demographic.  In fact, I estimated around 42% of the people in the at theater were probably there when it happened. (Especially Nelson.)

Finishing those fries was bitter sweet.  Bitter because I didn’t have anymore fries but sweet because the film actually gets better as it rolls along and it had my full attention.

Eventually, we arrived at the scene where the King curses.  All kinds of four letter words come out of his mouth and it made me laugh out loud.

I started thinking again.

That’s what made me laugh?  F-Bombs?  What does that say about me?  I’m not sure exactly but I do know what it says about the film.  From that moment on, I was entertained and happy I took the time to see it.  It found a way to pull me in.

When it comes down to the final envelope at Oscar time it will between The King’s Speech and The Social Network I think.  Two completely different films.  (Guess which one I identified with the most.) I think The King’s Speech is a fantastic film but I’m throwing my money behind the movie that allows me to eat cheesy fries guilt free.

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2010’s All Time Top 5 Movies

December 31, 2010 at 11:32 am

2010's All Time Top 5 Movies The Athletic Nerd Movie Reviews 2010

Last year, Paranormal Activity won the honor of 2009’s best movie because it stuck with me the longest.

Could Paranormal Activity 2 make an appearance this year?  Nope.  It was definitely a worthy sequel though.

It’s important to note that I’ve missed a lot of notable films that may or may not have cracked 2010’s top 5.

127 Hours, The King’s Speech, True Grit, Let Me In to name a few.

Regardless, I have to go with what I’ve seen and I’m pretty happy about my list.

The Athletic Nerd’s All Time Top 5 Movies of 2010

5. The Fighter

Review: I Showed Up 12 Minutes Late For The Fighter

This film bumped the excellent Monsters from the top 5 right at the last minute.  I loved both films equally but Christian Bale’s amazing performance was unforgettable.

4. Toy Story 3

Review: Toy Story 3 & The Crazy Laughers

What can you say about Pixar? Every year they deliver something new and wonderful.  I love that franchise and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the trilogy.  The last 10 minutes alone almost had me in tears. (Much like Ninja Turtles did back in the day.  What is it with me and toys?)

XTRA: Yeah… But It’s Pixar!

3. The Social Network

Review: Nerds & The Social Network

Everyone thought this movie would fail when it was first announced.  How good can a ‘Facebook’ movie possibly be?  I didn’t think it would be very good.  Now it’s one of my favorites and a serious Oscar contender.

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2. The Town

Review: The Town Has It All

Underestimating The Social Network was a big mistake.  I’m happy to say it was a mistake I did not repeat with The Town.  I knew it was going to be fantastic.  Every trailer I saw kept bumping it up my list of must see movies.  It delivered one of the best heist movies I’ve ever seen.  I loved The Town.

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1. Inception

Review: Inception Ignites An Idea

Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece will be dissected and studied forever.  Hopefully, it has changed the summer blockbuster for the better and more intelligent and action packed films are coming our way.  From the minute I heard about this film I was fascinated.  How could a film build up so much hype and deliver?  That’s why Nolan is a genius and my favorite filmmaker. Inception is a remarkable achievement.

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10 Flicks: Movies With Smart Characters

December 14, 2010 at 10:59 am

10 Flicks: Movies With Smart Characters Movie Blog

Smart.  Intelligent.  Genius.

All 3 of those words can describe characters in the following movies.  I love stories that feature geniuses at work.  I find it incredibly inspiring to watch people make breakthroughs.

Audiences agree as the first few I thought are Oscar darlings.

There is something fascinating about exploring the mind of someone who is gifted but also flawed.  It’s a formula that I will always line up to watch in theaters.

Until the next ‘smart’ movie is released, here’s my top 10:

The Pursuit of Happyness

The Usual Suspects

Good Will Hunting




Back To The Future


A Beautiful Mind

The Social Network

Nerds & The Social Network

October 17, 2010 at 9:54 am

Review: Nerds & The Social Network (2010 Movie Review

I take great pride in being a nerd.

It’s been amazing to see how nerds have evolved on the silver screen over the years.  Old school geeks were always lovable characters who spent their time in front of computer screens instead of talking to women or playing sports.

The world of nerds was filled video gamers, programmers and hackers.

Thanks to The Social Network, you can now add game changing entrepreneur to that list.

Entrepreneurs that continue to shape the world every single day from the comforts of their desktops and smart phones.

Review: Nerds & The Social Network (2010 Movie Review)

The nerds have risen. The age of social media has arrived and site’s like Facebook and Twitter have vaulted nerds to the top of the mountain.

Nerds are cool now.

I found the film absolutely fascinating.

It truly is an interesting story.  I’m not sure how much of it was true but I couldn’t help but relate to each and every person on that screen.

The truth is, nerds are cool because we are all nerds now.

It’s normal to spend hours in front of a computer screen.  People who have never played a video game in their life spend hours dominating with Wii remotes in their hands.

On the other hand, it’s now acceptable to be a nerd and jog everyday.  Hitting the gym is no longer against the stereotype.

Athletic Nerds.

The war is over!

The Social Network captures the last decade perfectly. It’s all about the fast paced, hurry up or get left behind era that saw the creation of a website that would one day have more than 500 million members.


This wonderful film is about our evolution into a new and amazingly SOCIAL world.

1 in every 14 people on the planet have a Facebook page!

What’s fascinating to me is how it all started in a college dorm room.

It took me back to the days when I carried around Qbasic for Dummies everywhere trying to learn how to create my own basketball game.

Note: I’m not kidding either.  It had full rosters, trades, salary caps and more.  This site isn’t called The Athletic Nerd for nothing.

I found myself trying to read the code that they were typing in the film.  There’s really little chance that I would have understood it but I love the fact that we live in a time that you can create whatever you want at any time.

If it’s a good idea you can make millions.  Some people would call that living the dream.  I think the real dream is creating something you can be proud of.

To me, that’s what resonated about The Social Network.

The creators of Facebook had an idea (or didn’t depending on who you believe) and were passionate about it.  In the end, their hard work and dedication paid off.

I may not have come up with that million dollar idea or film yet but that’s not the point.

What’s important is that I keep staring at my computer screen working on my newest idea.  That I keep working with passionately and commit to a dream that anything is possible.

You just have to believe in yourself.

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