Man of Steel Second Viewing: 10 Things That Stood Out

June 28, 2013 at 11:30 am

Man of Steel Second Viewing: 10 Things That Stood Out Watching | Man of Steel Review 2


I thought I wouldn’t want to see Man of Steel in theaters twice but I was wrong.  On a rainy afternoon, I caught a nice relaxing matinee.  Turns out, Man of Steel is MUCH better the second time around.

REVIEW | Man of Steel is the Superman movie we wanted right?

I think my main issue with my first viewing was the lengthy first act.  It’s completely understandable that his iconic origin must be established.  There are many moments people expect to see but as I said in my review:

It’s interesting for such a fast paced movie to feel slow.  Time crawls when you can’t wait to see super speed.

I just wanted to see Superman in action.  My feelings about the movie changed once I finally saw the Man of Steel fly.  Well, watching the film a second time allowed me to truly appreciate the story free from the unbelievable anticipation I felt the first time.  Man of Steel has since become my favorite movie of 2013 thus far.

Man of Steel Second Viewing: 10 Things That Stood Out | Man of Steel Review 2

I suppose it’s not fair to the other films I’ve seen as I’ve only seen them once.  I simply couldn’t resist watching the incredible action sequences on the big screen again.  I just didn’t expect my original complaints to disappear. Here are 10 things that stood out:

Editor’s Note:  I’m perfectly comfortable admitting that I can be an idiot sometimes.  It’s important to mention this for #10 to make sense.  Also there are spoilers ahead…


I was reading movie news on the bus heading to the theater when I realized I may have missed my stop.  I pulled out the map on my iPhone and realized I had!  So I got off the bus.  It was 12:49 and the movie started at 1…  I was going to be late.  Thankfully, another bus going the opposite direction arrived quickly.  To my horror, I realized a few streets down the road that I was still going away from the theater.  And then I figured it out.  My map was upside down…  I shouldn’t have left the first bus.  I got to the theater at 1:19 thinking I had missed the first few scenes.

It turns out, I missed nothing.  I even got a chance to see the latest Pacific Rim trailer.  How could I be 20 minutes late and NOT miss any of the movie?  These commercials and trailers are out of control!


The final fight maybe the highlight of the movie but this entire sequence was pretty awesome.


This story broke a few days before I saw Man of Steel the second time.  I was on full alert and I think I agree.  They CGI’d a frame of Christopher Reeve in there.

Read more about the story and see an animated GIF of the sequence here.

Man of Steel Second Viewing: 10 Things That Stood Out | Man of Steel Review 2


Clark Kent is Kal-El’s disguise but we rarely see him in public as an adult.  He spends much of the film hiding and it isn’t until the final moments when we get to see the real Clark Kent.  It’ll be interesting to see how Henry Cavill plays the role in the inevitable sequel.


Jor-El is an integral part of Superman’s origin and Russell Crowe truly shines with many fantastic moments.


It’s not easy to craft shots when Superman is traveling at such high speeds but Snyder succeeds throughout the movie.  There are so many unbelievably creative shots.  Especially when Superman is at full speed.

Side Note: That World Engine is action is awesome.

Man of Steel Second Viewing: 10 Things That Stood Out | Man of Steel Review 2


When he finally arrives, they don’t waste anytime posing him in iconic ways.

Man of Steel Second Viewing: 10 Things That Stood Out | Man of Steel Review 2


We know what’s coming.  I didn’t think they HAD to kiss.  Save some moments for the sequel.

Man of Steel Second Viewing: 10 Things That Stood Out | Man of Steel Review 2


Hans Zimmer did an absolutely spectacular job with the score.  It stayed with me after long after both viewings.  You can hear it in action in the trailer above or at length in the clip below:


When Superman and Zod take to the skies in their epic final battle I was mesmerized.  I think it’s time to revisit this post:

5 Awesome Gravity Defying Movie Fights

Question: Which film caused more damage their respective final acts: The Avengers or Man of Steel?

Man of Steel Second Viewing: 10 Things That Stood Out | Man of Steel Review 2

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Man of Steel Is The Superman Movie We Wanted Right?

June 17, 2013 at 1:13 pm

Man of Steel Is The Superman Movie We Wanted Right? | Man of Steel Review


I had my tickets to see Man of Steel two weeks before the film’s release.  I’ve written many articles about the film and broken down just about every trailer.  The more I saw, the more excited I became.  Could THIS be the Superman movie I’ve always wanted to see?  To say I was pumped would be a gigantic understatement.

When Superman Returns was released, I was incredibly disappointed in the lack of action as well as Lex Luther’s ‘land’ scheme.  That movie focused on Clark Kent and his integration into society but failed to deliver a Superman worthy of the big screen.  Man of Steel is very much the opposite.  This reboot focuses almost entirely on Kal-El and his integration into society.  Would humanity accept a savior from another world?  What would happen if an alien revealed his/herself today?  It’s a fascinating theme that lays the foundation for a Superman movie unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

I’m going to start at the end and work my way backwards.  The final hour of this movie is as big (if not bigger) than the finale of last year’s smash The Avengers.  The destruction caused by Superman and General Zod’s Metropolis death match is gargantuan.  Buildings crumble, roads are shattered and Zack Snyder delivers some of the most exciting action I’ve ever seen on the big screen.  Finally, the Man of Steel is unleashed with a worthy opponent backed by some spectacular visual effects and direction.

When I woke up this morning and gathered my thoughts for this review, all I could think about was the final act.  I can’t wait to see it again but I don’t think I’ll see it in theaters twice.  Why?  Because it took over 2 hours to get to the explosive finale.

Man of Steel Is The Superman Movie We Wanted Right? | Man of Steel Review


I think comparing Man of Steel to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy isn’t entirely fair.  True, they share a similar real world approach but there can only be one Dark Knight.  The one glaring difference between the two is the time it takes to establish the hero’s origin.  With Batman Begins, Nolan created an effective and exciting back story while remaining economical with screen time.

XTRA | Batman Begins a screenwriting rewrite.

We don’t even see Earth for nearly 30 minutes in Man of Steel.  From there we follow a broken timeline that mixes in important events from Clark’s youth as we follow his journey as an adult.  All the usual Superman moments are included but several scenes felt better suited as deleted scenes on the Blu Ray.

It’s interesting for such a fast paced movie to feel slow.  Time crawls when you can’t wait to see super speed.

Man of Steel Is The Superman Movie We Wanted Right? | Man of Steel Review

Still, it’s hard to fault a movie for providing such detail as they built up the universe’s mythology.  I think my excitement to see Superman in action worked against me as I waited.  Regardless, this movie definitely feels long in addition to actually being long.

I went in to Man of Steel thinking there was no way the film would earn less than 8/10.  When the credits rolled I was blown away by the action but surprisingly found myself considering a 6.  Upon further review, I decided that Man of Steel is a worth a trip to the theater.  It’s worth it because THIS is the best Superman movie I’ve ever seen.  Years ago, I was angry because there wasn’t enough action in Superman Returns.  Many fans were.  People demanded a Superman that threw punches and the talented filmmakers behind this epic delivered exactly what we asked for.

Man of Steel Is The Superman Movie We Wanted Right? | Man of Steel Review

This is a Superman movie filled with iconic moments and massive action set pieces.  It features a truly stellar cast with scene stealing performances by Henry Cavill, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, Michael Shannon and Amy Adams.  There are slower moments and an incredibly long build up to the enormous finale but in the end, it was entertaining.  A 7/10.

It may not redefine the superhero genre as many hoped but not all movies can be as big as The Avengers or as complex as The Dark Knight.


An action packed epic where Superman battles a worthy foe and holds nothing back.  Maybe I will catch it again on the big screen after all.

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Top 5 Moments: Man of Steel Trailer #3

April 23, 2013 at 7:31 am

Top 5 moments: man of steel trailer #3


The biggest and best Man of Steel trailer has arrived.  Will it be the best Superman movie of all time?  I’m not prepared to make that statement but this trailer definitely presents a strong case.  This three minute teaser is full of iconic moments.  Exactly what you would expect in a Superman movie.


It’s not actually a moment but as a professional editor, I couldn’t help it.  This trailer is edited brilliantly.  Sometimes that many jump cuts can be jarring but the score is perfect and it sets the tone for an amazing summer blockbuster.

Top 5 Moments: Man of Steel Trailer #3


This trailer brings us our first real look at life on Krypton even though it’s being destroyed.

Top 5 Moments: Man of Steel Trailer #3


General Zod has arrived and he looks like a worthy and relentless villain.

Top 5 Moments: Man of Steel Trailer #3


Take a look at these poses and tell me this won’t be a love letter to Superman fans around the world.

Top 5 Moments: Man of Steel Trailer #3

Top 5 Moments: Man of Steel Trailer #3


Superman unleashed.  Zack Snyder looks to have filmed the best Superman action sequences ever.  Dear technology…  Thank you.

Top 5 Moments: Man of Steel Trailer #3

COUNTDOWN | Top 5 Moments: Man of Steel Trailer #2

All Time Best: Best Movie Trailer 2013 | Man of Steel Trailer #3

Dissecting Zak Snyder’s Sucker Punch… Again…

October 8, 2011 at 3:49 pm

Imagination & Sucker Punch... Explained? | Movie Blog | Sucker Punch Review

When I saw Sucker Punch I was both confused and curious.  It’s hard to determine if you love a movie or not if you don’t fully understand it and I was on the fence when I left the theater that day.  Sucker Punch’s true meaning is buried behind huge action set pieces that take place in 3 different realities of which non can be officially labeled reality.

When I posted my review I attempted to explain my theory in the hopes that others would contribute and many have.  To date, ‘Imagination & Sucker Punch Explained‘ has received more comments than any other post on this blog.

These aren’t just tiny comments either, they are in depth theories that delve deep into Zak Snyder’s mind bending tale.

What is Sucker Punch about?  Is it Sweet Pea’s story or is it Babydoll who anchors the narrative?  I’ve decided to collect some excerpts from the wonderful comments to get a better understanding on the film.

For the complete review including the full comments click here.


“I believe that it was Sweet P’s imagination. The imagination is taken deeper in order to deal with what they’re being forced to do. It is Sweet P’s way of fighting. In her mind she is fighting through the “grotesque missions” (sex,sexual acts,dirty dancing) in order to achieve their items and ultimate goal of freedom.” L3FTY

“Baby doll, knowing that actual escape is impossible, copes by imagining that she is sweet pea getting onto the bus. that is why the bus driver is the same guide as in the rest of her fantasies and the billboard on the road at the end says that the bus is headed for “paradise” falls” BRIAN

“In this case Snyder just wanted an excuse to incorporate the pretty things from his imagination which he can’t fit anywhere else.” NASTEE

“I don’t think Sweet Pea is still in a dream world at the end, nor do I think Baby Doll was imagined. If you remember the very beginning it mentions guardian angels and how they can take any form or be anywhere for us.” JAGAMAR

“The narrator was Sweet Pea, and she talks about “guardian angels”, I believe that the story is narrated by sweet pea about baby doll, because baby doll ends up being her guardian angel.” BRENDAN

“Baby Doll was imaginary, and that everything after the opening part where Sweet Pea is talking about the Guardian Angel is imaginary. I also think that Rocket is already dead and that Sweet Pea is coping with it and the movie is about her mental recovery…” RYAN

“On the first level down, Baby Doll just sees the asylum for what it is, and on the next level down, she sees what she wants to see.” BD

“I don’t think it’s imaginary. But I do see that Babydoll and Sweetpea most likely get their strength from eachother and in the ‘fantasy’ world, which seems like the only thing that keeps either Babydoll or the both of them sane and gives hope.” DANIELLE

“The movie is Sweet Pea’s imagination. The ending is Sweet Pea’s lobotomized imagination.” CLARKE

“Every action she has in her real life (The mental ward) is exaggerated in her mind so she can cope, and create reason to go on… while in this world, she exaggerates it more (The video game world) to again, deal with her nightmarish world” DEVONCADAVER

“Baby was burdened with guilt of killing her sister. The only way for her to be FREE of this guilt was to be lobotmised which erases yor memory pretty much. Thats what she realized at the very end” DAVEYO

“This movie in itself is Sweet Pea’s attempt at telling Babydoll’s story with her own damaged mind.” ZACHY

“The whole of the film is played out in Sweepea’s head, the asylum represents her accepting the fact of her mental problems, the bordello might represent punishment for her “crime” and helplessness in the face of circumstances – this points to her knowing, on some level that the loss of her sister was beyond her control, but feeling guilty anyway.” MUKKINESE

Mr. Zeaver brings up what might have been Zak Snyder’s plan all along:

“Maybe this is the Sucker Punch Snyder was looking for. For people to create their own opinion much the like the movie’s theme of imagination, people imagine how they think it ends or what it means.” MR. ZEAVER


Head over to the review and add your theory.

Imagination & Sucker Punch... Explained? | Movie Blog | Sucker Punch Review

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10 Flicks: Awesome Upcoming Superhero Movies

February 7, 2011 at 8:32 am

10 Flicks: Incredible Upcoming Superhero Movies

I believe we are entering a Golden Age for superhero movies.

There are so many incredible films on the way with loads of potential.

How good are the upcoming superhero movies?

Here are 10 of the biggest and best.  Check them out and count how many you’re looking forward to.

*Be sure to come back as I will be updating this page with new images and trailers as they are released.*


Thor.  Upcoming superhero movies 2011

Thor is probably my least anticipated film on this list because I really don’t know that much about the character.  However, Thor has a giant role to play in the upcoming Avengers movie so I’m definitely interested in learning more.  Part of me truly hopes it turns out to be a bad ass action adventure.

The first trailer has been released!  I’m officially pumped to see this movie.

The super bowl spot unleashes more action!

Cowboys & Aliens

The first poster for the film has been released and it looks amazing!

It looks like John Favreau and co. are unleashing one hell of an entertaining film next summer.

X-Men: First Class

Hardcore fans of Bryan Singer’s X-Men may not be so eager to embrace this reboot but I am.  I’m not sure what to expect from this adaptation but I’m a massive fan of the source material.  Plus I have enormous faith in Matthew Vaughn.  Kick ass was fantastic.

x men first class movie magneto

The Green Hornet

This movie sounded extremely strange when I first heard about it.  Could Seth Rogen really be a superhero? After seeing the first trailer, I believe the answer is yes.  He is a different kind of superhero but it still looks like an entertaining movie.

The Amazing Spider-Man

First look at Andrew Garfield as spider-man

[UPDATE] The first official image of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man has hit the web!  I have to say it looks pretty damn sweet!

The first two Spider-Man movies are among the best superhero movies of all time. Understandably, it was time to inject some new life into the franchise and I actually think that rebooting with a younger Peter Parker is the right way to go.

My only real concern is whether or not the filmmakers can balance the inevitable high school drama with decent action sequences. I’m already sold on Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man and now that we know he will face off against The Lizard, I’m even more excited about the possibilities.

Check out this amazing image of Andrew Garfield in costume with the legendary mask on!

The Amazing Spiderman Andrew Garfield superhero movie

Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America looks awesome | Poster

Captain America is in the same category as Thor.  I don’t know too much about him but I’m extremely interested in how Marvel will tie all of their big franchises together.  If the movie is half as good as the image above we are in for one hell of a show.

Superbowl commercial…  I gotta say the shot with Cap running through a forest in the middle of battle was amazing.  So was Red Skulls reveal.  Still I wasn’t blown away by the spot.

Green Lantern

Green lantern ryan reynolds 2011 superhero movie

Ryan Reynolds is definitely on a huge roll right now. Every single Green Lantern image that I’ve seen has been amazing.

Now that the trailer has been unleashed, I have to say it does look pretty damn entertaining.

Check out the first 4 minutes from the film.

The Avengers

The Avengers upcoming superhero movie 2012

Did anyone ever think this film would have come together the way it did?

Count the superstars on that stage.  It’s truly remarkable what Marvel has done with their superhero franchises.

This is probably the riskiest film on this list as the amount of hype surrounding this movie is enormous.

It’s going to be extremely challenging to deliver something entertaining with that many heroes on the screen.

Again it all comes down to the story. They definitely have the star power but it’s up to Joss Whedon and his team to come up with something worthy of one of the best ensembles in history.

Whether they nail it or not, The Avengers is going to rewrite the superhero movie forever.

I can’t wait to watch Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk and The Avengers ‘marathon style’.


NOTE: This film isn’t released until 2012 but I didn’t think it would hurt to update it regardless considering so many movies on this list will affect the production.

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

10 Flicks: Awesome Upcoming Superhero Movies 2011

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen was terrible.

Click here to find out why Transformers 3 won’t suck.

I’m so excited to see more giant robot action on the big screen. Everything I’ve read about the film gives me more and more confidence that they will erase the memory of The Fallen from my mind.

I was so excited to see that movie and I was shattered when the credits rolled.  I wish it wasn’t the case but it’s true.  However, I’ll never give up on a franchise easily.

I’ll be in line on day 1 for this blockbuster event… In 3D.

The Transformers are back!  I loved the Superbowl commercial!  This is probably my most anticipated movie of the summer thus far!


[Update] Henry Cavill has officially been announced as the new Superman.  Nice!

Handing the keys to the Superman franchise over to Christopher Nolan was genius.  The guy simply knows how to tell a good story.

He’s easily my favorite directors right now and having his name attached instantly puts this film at the top of the list.


He went out and hired Zak Snyder to direct the movie with a screenplay written by David Goyer…

You hear that?  That’s the sound of the best Superman adaptation of all time.

Yes… I’m prepared to make that statement.

Get ready for a gritty slow motion filled adventure featuring one of the most iconic heroes in history.

The Dark Knight Rises

[UPDATE] Catwoman and Bane! Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy are confirmed as the infamous villains in The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight is my favorite superhero movie in the history of the world.  Nothing against the amazing Batman Begins but The Dark Knight is THE definitive Batman movie.

This third and presumably final Batman film that Nolan will give us will pull out all the stops and raise the stakes like never before.

I like to think that he had a plan the entire time and was always building towards this third chapter.  Whether that’s true or not may never be revealed but I have no doubt Mr. Nolan has a few surprises in store for us.  It saddens me to think about his vision for The Joker and how he may have carried over to this film.  

It’s a shame we won’t get a chance to see Heath Ledger’s wonderful work on screen again.  The word ‘legendary’ comes to mind.

The next villain that Bruce Wayne faces will definitely have some giant shoes to fill.  Yet, somehow, I truly believe he/she will.

There’s no way this movie will fall flat even with the nearly impossible expectations people like me have.

I have a feeling this film will complete one of the greatest trilogies ever.

Which movie are you anticipating?  Are there several?

It truly is a good time to be a fan of superhero movies!