Game Of Thrones Moment: A Man Without Honor

May 15, 2012 at 12:07 am

Game Of Thrones Moment: A Man Without Honor | Season 2 Episode 7 Review


And so we enter the second half of the unbelievable second season of Game of Thrones.  A Man Without Honor wasn’t as action packed as the last few chapters but it was still full of important moments.  Last week, I complained slightly about Daenerys storyline in Qarth.  It felt like the whole arc had stalled.

Thankfully, she seems to have finally hit rock bottom which, to me, means action is coming soon.  Daenery’s is now completely demoralized in her quest for the iron throne.  She has no army, no boats and most importantly, no dragons.  I was a little surprised that the Warlock flat out tells her where her dragons are.  Having said that, I loved that scene and so this week’s moment is dedicated to Xaro’s rise.

Game Of Thrones Moment: A Man Without Honor | Season 2 Episode 7 Review

I pretty much assumed the warlock character was behind the dragon-napping but Xaro’s scheme to become King of Qarth was most definitely unexpected.  Is it just me or was that a lot of slit throats? And what’s with that Warlock guy?

Now Daenerys in THE worst position but I’m happy with that.  Next week it’s time to fight for her dragons and probably avoid marrying Xaro.

Game Of Thrones Moment: A Man Without Honor | Season 2 Episode 7 Review

A Man Without Honor

The rest of the episode was full of character development.  We explored John Snow’s thoughts on his oath and dedication to the Night’s Watch.  We now know that Tywin isn’t completely oblivious to Arya’s act and ‘back story’.  We got a phenomenal scene between Tyrion and Cersei and the Queen also shared a womanly moment with Sansa.

But the most important moment (and runner up for the title this week) was Jaime Lannister’s antics while imprisoned.  Especially in the end when he is face to face with Cat.  Great scene.  The only reason it didn’t win the ‘Moment of the Week’ was because of the cliff hanger ending.  Otherwise, it was a shoe in.

I don’t really buy Theon’s ‘victory’ at the end.  I may not have read the books but I’m pretty sure the two stark boys are still alive and kicking.  (Well…  One of them at least.)  Time will tell.

All in all, it feels like we are in for one hell of an episode next week.  This one felt like a setup and with a handful of episodes left, it’s going to be a blast to see where the cards fall.

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