Game of Thrones Moment: And Now His Watch Is Ended

April 23, 2013 at 2:26 am

Game of Thrones Moment: And Now His Watch Is Ended | Season 3 Episode 4


It’s not even a close battle.  This was, by far, the best episode of Season 3.

It turns out I was wrong about Jaime’s absence from this chapter.  This episode immediately deals with the fallout from episode 3’s big cliffhanger.  Jaime has lost his sword hand and even though there is still fight in him, he’s losing faith in himself.  It’s incredible to compare a famished Jaime who won’t eat to the King Slayer we met in season 1.  A man who pushed children out windows.

From there, we got a great moment where Varys revealed how he lost his manhood.  The violent tale of sorcery and his lack of faith in magic was a big moment for this character.  His journey to revenge involved patience and careful maneuvering.  A lesson Tyrion definitely learned when Varys opened the crate revealing the sorcerer responsible.  A genius bit of writing when you think about the sorcerer sitting in that great listening to Varys tell his horrible tale.

Varys continued to dominate this episode with a phenomenal exchange with Olenna.

“He would see this country burn if he could be king of the ashes”

Also in King’s Landing, we got to see Margaery’s manipulation skills in full force sending Cersei to her daddy to complain.  This led to another great moment where Tywin reveals how much he actually knows about his spoiled children.  He’s actually becoming a favorite of mine because of these little scenes.  Whether it’s Tyrion or Cersei, they expect him to fix their problems and he points out how dumb they are.  In Tyrion’s case, it’s sad because of all he has accomplished in King’s Landing.  But calling Cersei and idiot was pretty satisfying to watch.

Speaking of satisfying/sad moments.  Theon was led on a horrible journey full of regret but also hope that he had escaped his torturers.  What a terrible thing to do to someone.  Now he’s back in shackles.  It’s tough to feel bad considering what he did in Winterfell but that was pretty cold.

Things are also pretty chilly in the North where members of The Watch finally had enough of Crastor.  This was a great scene as a whole but I would have much rather caught up with Jon Snow.  I’m sure we’ll see more from him next episode.

All of these moments combined with Arya’s confrontation of The Hound made the episode spectacular…  And I haven’t even mentioned the best moment yet!


Game of Thrones Moment: And Now His Watch Is Ended | Season 3 Episode 4

She probably has the least amount of screen time among the main characters in this series but they are all great.  It was pretty obvious she wouldn’t part ways with one of her dragons but I didn’t expect such an epic moment.

Watching her speak to her army after freeing them was awesome.  Now she has a devoted army AND three dragons.  It was a fantastic closing to one of the best episodes this series has given us.  In my opinion, it’s right up there with Blackwater.

Lots to think about until next week but…  Still no sign of this guy:

Game of Thrones Moment: And Now His Watch Is Ended | Season 3 Episode 4

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