Game of Thrones Moment: Dark Wings, Dark Words

April 8, 2013 at 7:46 am

Game of Thrones Moment: Dark Wings, Dark Words | Season 3 Episode 2 Review


I was a little disappointed in the first episode of the season because it felt like an hour long Season 2 epilogue.  While Dark Wings, Dark Words has lingering whispers of season 2, there was enough here to make me feel like Season 3 had begun.  There wasn’t a lot of action but this show is about positioning and politics first and foremost.  The battles will come in time.  For now, I’m happy to watch these characters plan their next moves.

My favorite moment of the episode was a not-so-subtle exchange between Gendry and Arya.

“You could have named King Geoffrey.”

Be honest…  Throughout the whole Jaqen storyline of season 2, you wondered why she never named The King or Tywin Lannister.  It could have been so easy!

It was also fun watching a restrained Jaime take on Brienne.  Theon made a quick and painful appearance.  It’s always tough to see characters get tortured but he was a giant idiot in season 2 so….

Those were fun moments but, for me, the moment of the episode was a close battle between Sansa and her mother Cat.


King Joffrey is one of the most hated characters on television.  A large part of that hatred was sparked by his horrific treatment of Sansa and her relentless silence.  In Dark Wings, Dark Words she finally gets a chance to speak her mind.

“He’s a monster.”

That comment may come back to bite her at some point but it was nice to see her speak of the suffering she has endured.

Overall, it was a close battle but my pick for best moment was Cat’s story.


Game of Thrones Moment: Dark Wings, Dark Words | Season 3 Episode 2 Review

We’ve always known her hatred for Jon Snow.  He was a constant reminder of Ned Stark’s unfaithful act.  But praying to the gods to bring death to a child is pretty cold.  (Even in Winterfell)

What I loved the most about this moment was the history.  This show is amazing because of the details carefully placed in every corner of Westeros.  Every character has a story and connections to others.  Jon Snow and Cat haven’t been in the same room since the beginning of season 1.  Yet still, the writer’s managed to use their fractured relationship as a window into Cat’s mind.  Her family is completely shattered and the guilt is a relentless weight on her shoulders.  It was a fantastic moment for the character.

Next week, let’s get back to this guy shall we? Or is he the Smoke Monster of season 3?

Game of Thrones Moment: Dark Wings, Dark Words | Season 3 Episode 2 Review


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