Game Of Thrones Moment: Garden of Bones

April 23, 2012 at 10:18 am

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She gave birth to smoke!  A smoke baby…  A shadow-light-smoke-monster-baby!  That’s a great way to win this week’s Game of Thrones moment.

Last week, I talked about the battle that would kickstart the action in season 2 and Garden of Bones went above and beyond.  It was by far the most interesting episode of the season that also featured the return of Robb Start and Daenerys Targaryen.  But it was the episode’s shady final moments that truly lit up screen.

Melisandre has been a mystery this entire season.  Surviving poisonous wine is one thing but giving birth to a smoke monster was definitely a game changer.  What the hell is that thing and how does Stannis plan to use it to win the war?  Is he going to send his mystical “son” to his brother’s tent or directly to King’s Landing?  What is Melisandre end game here?  Did she tell Stannis that she would be giving birth to smoke?

Tons of questions and that is why Game of Thrones is awesome.

Game of Thrones Moment: Garden Of Bones | Season 2 Episode 4 Review

This moment was a fantastic reminder that ANYTHING is possible on this show and it’s only the 4th episode!

Garden of Bones

The rest of the episode was full of crazy moments specifically during scenes involving the ruthless punk King Joffrey.  He’s an ass.  Once again Tyrion is front and center to save Sansa from Joffrey’s torment.  And how does the King repay his Hand for embarrassing him?  By torturing two whores for fun…

Speaking of torture, Arya has to be one of the strongest characters on this show.  How she manages to witness a rat ripping people’s chests apart without flinching is nuts.  At one point are the writer’s going to give this girl some good news?  It’ll be interesting to see where she ends up now that Tywin is in the picture.

All in all, Garden of Bones raised the bar yet again.  This season has delivered 4 amazing episodes so far.

Until next week, there is a larger issue to discuss…  Who would win in a fight?

Game of Thrones Smoke Monster vs Lost’s Smoke Monster

Game of Thrones Moment: Garden Of Bones | Lost Smoke Monster