Game of Thrones Moment: Kissed by Fire

April 29, 2013 at 12:37 pm

Game of Thrones Moment: Kissed by Fire | Season 3 Episode 5 Review


Last week, Game of Thrones delivered a fantastic episode capped off by Daenerys big moment.  It was a battle that won her an army of slaves she then freed.  This week arguably boasted the best writing we’ve seen in the series thus far.  Writer Bryan Cogman managed to include nearly every group of characters in one episode.  That’s difficult enough but to weave their stories together with such harmony was masterful.  In every scene, talk of broken vows, oaths and loyalty.

Arya’s big moment came as she screamed “Burn in hell” to The Hound.  She’s always been one of the stronger characters because of the depth we see each week.  She scream “Kill him!” yet moments later she delivers the touching “I can be your family” to Gendry.

Jon Snow made his return to the series this week and something good actually happened to him…  He had to break his Oath to the Night’s Watch in the process but this series has always been about complicated characters.  It’ll be interesting to see how his decision to sleep with Ygritte affects him moving forward.

As always, Daenerys screen time was brief but effective.  As she continued to reorganize her army.  I love the contrast between army’s who are forced to serve and an army of former slaves who choose to serve.  The other side shown in Gendry as he spoke about the men he’s served.

We saw a moment of weakness in Robb as he faced a tough decision that ultimately lost him half his army.  It will be an interesting journey to Casterly Rock for the King who lost the North.

One of the best moments of the episode came courtesy of Tywin, Cersei and Tyrion after they discovered that Sansa was to be married to Loras.  I loved watching Cersei smirk as Tyrion learned that he would have to marry Sansa.  The look on her face when Tywin informed her that she would marry Loras was priceless.  It was almost worthy of best moment but once again, Jaime Lannister stole the show.


Only two episodes ago, Jaime lost his hand in one of the more brutal moments of the season.  Here he pours his heart out to Brienne in one of the best monologues of the series.  A single speech that beautifully summed up the themes of duty and loyalty woven throughout the episode.  It was certainly the strongest moment of the season as it offered a glimpse into the past and a window into the King Slayers mind.

Jaime has turned into one of my favorite characters and I hope we see more moments like this in the future.  Kissed by Fire was a brilliantly written episode highlighted by one of the best scenes of the season.

…  Still…  No sign of this guy…

Game of Thrones Moment: Kissed by Fire | Season 3 Episode 5 Review

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