Game of Thrones Moment: Mhysa

June 11, 2013 at 11:26 am

Game of Thrones Moment: Mhysa | Season 3 Episode 10 Review


Let’s face it.  The season finale didn’t have a chance to live up to the high standard set by last week’s penultimate episode, The Rains of Castamere.  However, at it’s core, this show is all about defying expectations and crashing through the barriers of traditional television structure.  Main characters die while others disappear for multiple episodes.  Why not accept that the big moments of Game of Thrones occur in the second last episode?  Rather than save everything for the finale, allow for an extra chapter to wrap things up.

That’s exactly what Mhysa felt like.  An episode used to sum up the events of The Red Wedding while setting the stage for next Spring’s fourth season.  I suppose I accept the fact that the big moments already happened but part of me was still hoping for another jaw dropping moment.  It didn’t happen and this episode was difficult to narrow down to a single moment.

I could have gone with the looming threat of the White Walkers.  Specifically when Davos hands Stannis the note proclaiming that a giant undead army marches south.  Almost immediately, Stannis switches his focus to the White Walkers, allowing Davos to live in the process.  It’s always nice when characters discuss events occurring elsewhere in Westeros.  There is a very real threat scaling The Wall and even though the White Walkers were barely mentioned this season, their existence is still a fascinating part of this show.  Winter is coming indeed.

I was going to select the titular scene featuring Daenerys.  It was a fantastic moment to see another army of freed slaves cheer for their Mhysa (Mother).  In the end, I didn’t select it because we saw a similar moment in ‘And now his watch has ended.’

There were also many reunions including Jaime’s return to King’s Landing and Jon Snow’s return to The Watch with several arrows piercing his body.  There was Arya’s brutal attack and… ahem…  D**ks in boxes…

But seriously, how could I not select Tywin who literally dominated the King we all love to hate.

“Did you just send the most powerful man in Westeros in bed without his supper?” (Tyrion)

send the most powerful man in Westeros in bed without his supper.

Beyond the hilarity of the situation, Tyrion’s threats won’t go unchecked much longer.  I thought that scene was brilliant.  Finally, Joffrey is beginning to realize he is truly powerless.  That spells doom for those who mock him.  Either that or he will be killed off.  I wouldn’t be surprised.

It’s hard to imagine Game of Thrones continually raising the bar but they managed to create another unforgettable season of television regardless.  There were so many spectacular moments throughout the complex story lines they weaved together so seamlessly.

Next season is so far away…

Game of Thrones Moment: Mhysa | Season 3 Episode 10 Review

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