Game of Thrones Moment: The Night Lands

April 9, 2012 at 10:52 am

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This week’s episode was a bit on the slow side focusing more on characters positioning themselves to attack than attacking.  Slower episodes like these in lesser series are usually classified as boring but this is Game of Thrones!  Each group of characters is heading for danger.  They may not have reached it yet but there are most definitely battles in the immediate future.  I’m willing to accept a slower build as long as it doesn’t last as long as it did in The Walking Dead’s second season.  On to this week’s Game of Thrones moment:

The Night Lands was full of interesting conversations full of manipulation tactics and deception.  But which scene rose above the others?

I’ve got to give it to Tyrion two weeks in a row.


With that, Tyrion ‘Don’t Call Me Ned Stark’ Lannister banishes Janos from King’s Landing.  Tyrion is a rare character in television.  So many of the heroes we root for on the small screen are oblivious to the schemes happening around them.  Tyrion is completely aware and acts accordingly.  Janos ordered the slaughter of an infant without question not to mention turning on Ned Stark on a whim.  Tyrion isn’t about to let a man like that run the city guard especially as the new Hand of the King.

It doesn’t take a character like Tyrion 4 episodes to call out his sister for sleeping with…  his brother.  He gets it out there immediately.  This is why Tyrion rules King’s Landing. (So to speak)

Game of Thrones Moment: The Night Lands | Season 2 Episode 2 Review

The Night Lands

The rest of the episode was basically spent with each ‘faction’ gathering allies or preparing to betray them.  It’s hard not to be excited about what lies ahead this season.  With so many people focused on the throne, it’s bound to lead to some incredible moments and I can’t wait to see them.

Specifically to find out exactly what Craster does with his daughter/wife’s…  Sons.

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