Game of Thrones Moment: The Rains of Castamere

June 3, 2013 at 7:10 am

Game of Thrones Moment: The Rains of Castamere | Season 3 Episode 9



I didn’t see a single episode of Game of Thrones until the first season ended.  People at work kept talking about an epic new series that I absolutely had to see.  I gave the show a chance and wound up watching the entire season in a day or two.  But I wasn’t hooked until Ned Stark’s lost his head.  It was clear that Game of Thrones did not adhere to traditional television rules.  No one is ever safe on this show including the main protagonist.  They’ve done it again.

Before I get to this week’s obvious pick for best moment, I want to express my thanks to everyone I know that has read the books.  Holding on to the secret of the Red Wedding must have been excruciating throughout the last three seasons.  No one I know spoiled this heartbreaking moment and somehow I managed to avoid all spoilers online..

I didn’t see it coming. (Final spoiler warning)

The Rains of Castamere is as close to perfect as television can be.  Once again, Game of Thrones gave us a reminder that no one is safe including the King in the North.  I can’t even imagine how readers of the novels must have felt watching Robb travel to his death over the years.  Then it finally arrives.  Walder Frey welcomes Robb, Talisa and Cat into his home and promptly betrays them all.

Much like Ned’s death, this was a series defining moment.

The ruthless scene is highlighted by Cat in what is surely an award worthy performance as she watches her eldest son die.  I felt the same devastation she did.  Robb has long been a favorite of mine but those damn Lannisters are always a mile ahead of everyone.

This morning I woke up thinking about the remaining heroes and who could be next.  Daenerys?  Tyrion? Arya?  Jon Snow? Slowly the heroes of Westeros are becoming extinct.  Out numbered by ruthless jerks like King Joffrey, Walder Frey, Tywin Lannister and more.

I love this show BECAUSE of the sadness I felt when the credits rolled silently on my television (nice touch by the way).  I sat there stunned wondering how this phenomenal season of television will end next week.  Then I was sad all over again because it all ends next week…  Dammit I love Game of Thrones.

The Rains of Castamere will surely be known as one of Game of Thrones’ best episodes containing a legendary moment I’ll never forget.  I still can’t believe I managed to avoid this monumental spoiler.  Part of me wants to pick up the novels I purchased last year to find out what’s coming next…  It’s a tough call.

In other news… Holy crap!  I can’t believe that happened!

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