Game of Thrones Moment: Valar Dohaeris

April 1, 2013 at 7:36 am

Game of Thrones Moment: Valar Dohaeris | Season 3 Episode 1


The wait is over!  Game of Thrones has returned for another season of battles and betrayals…  Just not in the first episode.  It’s hard to fault Game of Thrones for masterfully balancing so many groups of major characters but I was a little disappointed in Valar Dohaeris.  Much like the first few episodes of Season 2, we spent a lot of time catching up with our favorite characters.

It kind of felt like an hour long ‘previously…  on Game of Thrones‘ montage.  Having said that, this show is overflowing with characters I wanted to see.  I just felt there wasn’t enough ‘Season 3′.

That will change in the coming weeks as the inhabitants of Westeros continue their ruthless campaigns to rule.  As far as choosing a moment, I’m tempted to go with Daenerys’ dragons.  Watching their fishing techniques was pretty fantastic.  As was Jon Snow’s first encounter with a giant.

However, in terms of story, I decided to go with…


“I would let myself be consumed by maggots before mocking the family name and making you heir to Casterly Rock.”


From the moment this scene began, you could feel the tension between father and son.  It’s amazing to see such a powerful character in Season 2 be reduced to nothing by his father with nothing but words.  Tywin really is a hard ass.  I’m sure Tyrion will find a way to get back in the game but it will be much more difficult with his father in King’s Landing.

Some of the best moments of Season 2 came from Tyrion’s strategic and clever mind.  Hopefully, it doesn’t take long for him to pick himself up.

This exchange was easily my favorite moment of Valar Dohaeris.  While it was a slower episode, it served as a reminder of how well they juggle story lines on this show.  I can’t wait for next week as Season 2 is officially wrapped up and Season 3 can begin…  Right?

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