Game Of Thrones Moment: Valar Morghulis

June 5, 2012 at 9:27 am

Game Of Thrones Moment: Valar Morghulis | Season 2 Episode 10 Review Finale


The brilliant final chapter of what was an outstanding season of television has come and gone.  The second season of Game of Thrones is over and the long wait for season 3 begins.  After delivering one of the best episodes of television I’ve ever seen, the minds behind the show delivered a fantastic final episode full of resolution and promise.

It was a season full of amazing battles, tense moments, betrayals, twists, love, violence, greed and heroics.  But none of the moments I picked originated beyond The Wall.  Jon Snow’s story seemed like a season long stall.  What was the purpose of his story?  It became clear to me a few episodes ago that Jon’s tale was more than likely a major seed for Season 3.  It was and it was glorious.

And so the FINAL Game of Thrones Moment is dedicated to The North.

Game Of Thrones Moment: Valar Morghulis

The episode’s final scenes provided us glimpses of not one but TWO giant armies.  One belonging to Mance Rayder and the other made up of organized Zombies and Zombie Horses.  The Night’s Watch certainly has their hands full next season.

It was a phenomenal moment to see the zombie army marching on The Wall especially under the command of this guy:

Game Of Thrones Moment: Valar Morghulis

Obviously there were other big moments not the least of which was Dany’s fire breathing children and escape from Qarth.  But this moment was, to me, the most significant moving forward.  After an entire season at the bottom of the pack in terms of interesting stories, the north is front and center now.  Winterfell is in ruins, Jon Snow is with a huge army of Others and a very dangerous horde is on the loose.

Game of Thrones…  I love you.

Valar Morghulis

The rest of the episode was absolutely packed with awesome moments.  Tyrion had a touching scene with Shae while his father became Hand of The King.  I can’t wait to see how Tywin handles Joffrey’s antics.  Something tells me the young King will be on his best behavior.

We finally got to see Daenerys’ story move forward.  She’s been stuck for a few episodes now but she busted out in a big way.  Those dragons will certainly be a force in future seasons.

Game Of Thrones Moment: Valar Morghulis | Season 2 Episode 10 Review Finale

Stannis’ resolution was a little disappointing.  Still no smoke monster.  Just more manipulation at the hands of Melisandre.  Another sweet moment came when Jaqen revealed his ‘unique’ talent to disappear. I hope that’s not the last we see of the faceless man.

The remainder of the episode was spent repositioning characters for their Season 3 journeys.  All in all, it was a spectacular episode that summed up season 2 and set up an even better season 3.

Game of Thrones…  I love you.

So much so that I finally decided to pick up the books.  I grabbed the first 4 and I’m already blasting through Book One.  I simply can’t wait for another year.  By the time season 3 begins, I’ll be completely caught up.



I had so much fun writing this series.  It’s hard to believe it’s already been 10 weeks.  10 tremendous episodes.  10 memorable moments.

Next Spring, this column will return with a different twist.  For the first time, I’ll be able to relate to the story as both a viewer AND a reader.  I’m looking forward to picking apart the similarities and differences.  Unfortunately for us all, Winter is Coming and it’s going to be a long wait until this incredible show resumes.

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What’s your favorite Game of Thrones moment?