Game of Thrones Moment: Walk of Punishment

April 16, 2013 at 7:58 am

Game of Thrones Moment: Walk of Punishment | Season 3 Episode 3


History has shown us that no character is safe in Game of Thrones.  In many television shows, the main characters are untouchable and you don’t get the same level of suspense that GoT provides.  There were more than a few characters in danger this week and while there were a few close calls, not everyone escaped unscathed.

I was pleasantly surprised by the humor the writers injected into “Walk of Punishment”.  The power play with the chairs was a great moment.  It was a nice reminder that every character has an agenda.  Every character craves power.  Tyrion’s quest to get his squire Podrick laid was another showcase of the show’s lighter side.  As was Edmure’s inability to aim an arrow.

Humor aside, Episode 3 also gave us a moment I felt the first two episodes were missing.  An awesome cliffhanger.  It’s about time Game of Thrones returned!  The final moments of this episode showed us a sympathetic side of Jaime Lannister but it cost him…

Walk of Punishment Game of Thrones Season 3 episode 3

For two seasons, Jaime has been a legend of sorts.  The King Slayer.  His trademark arrogance and smugness will certainly take a big hit now that his hand is gone.  Jaime will be a changed man when we see him next.  Humbled.  Helpless.  Angry.

If I had to make a prediction, I’d say we won’t see Jaime next week.  I’m okay with that if we get more Daenerys.  There’s no way she would part with one of her dragons without a plan.  Will we see our first big battle of the season?

Until next week!

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