Branding A Movie Blog: The Athletic Nerd

April 10, 2012 at 9:50 am

Branding A Movie Blog: The Athletic Nerd | Movies, Screenwriting & Independent Film


The Athletic Nerd is now close to 3 years old and has evolved a ton over the years.  Slowly, I’ve carved out an identity for this blog and the graphic look has been gradually improved along the way.  Regular readers probably hopefully noticed a couple new banners, ads and post headers popping up over the last few months.

Branding is definitely key when it comes to first impressions.  Long ago, my blog was hideous…  It’s okay you can say it.  With so many fantastic looking blogs out there, you have to be able to compete when it comes to design.  So today, I’m unveiling the one thing I felt The Athletic Nerd was lacking.  An official logo!

Graphic design is a tricky thing for someone with no training and no ‘official’ experience.  For years, I’ve relied on tutorials online and my obsession with Photoshop to get by.  I’m sure design professionals will spot flaws I’m unaware of but I like it.  I wanted something simple that could be implemented in a variety of ways.  For now, I’m sticking with the header image above and the odd advertisement but you’ll see it all over the place in time.  In the end, I wanted something that could stand up next to the blog’s tagline:

Movies, Screenwriting & Independent Film

Hope you like the new logo.  Stay tuned for a more updates including a brand new series which should be unveiled towards the end of next month!

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