iPad And The Screenwriter

January 27, 2010 at 7:52 pm

Finally, the mysterious device has a name:


I’m not a massive fan of the name but I’m a huge fan of what I’ll be using it for when I get my hands on one.

Before I get to that, here are some terrific links and information I’ve collected for those who aren’t up to date on the new device.

Just make sure you come back to read the rest.

Update: You can now watch the entire event on Apple’s site.

All caught up?  I’m pretty pumped about it.

I’ve never owned a laptop.  I’ve always been more of a desktop kind of guy.  When it comes to writing, there’s nothing better than sitting at a desk and working on a screenplay.  I couldn’t even imagine ever being productive anywhere else.

Until I got my iPhone.

Now I can write notes, outlines and entire screenplays with my phone no matter how far away from my desk I am.  I can research, blog and market my projects from a single tiny device.  I’ve written a lot about the idea of Portable Writing.  I’ve posted articles about my favorite apps and how I use my iPhone on-the-go to stay ahead on my work load.

The iPhone opened my eyes and I realized that I have to break away from my desk and enjoy the freedom to write wherever I want. It got me thinking about the next logical step.  Laptop? Netbook?

Apple’s timing couldn’t have been any better. The correct answer is iPad!

  • Screenwriting: One of my favorite aspects is how the apps on my phone will work on the iPad.  This means that as a screenwriter, I can pull out this device and type on a BIG keyboard.  Black Mana’s Screenplay app will be glorious on the iPad.
  • Blogging: Updating my blog will be easier than ever with the bigger display and easier navigation.
  • Research: The iPad will make researching faster and more efficient with full screen internet access at super fast speeds.
  • Social Networking: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more…  Social marketing is huge and 17 West is right there with the newest trends.
  • Email: Yet another way to stay in contact and up to date on all of 17 West’s upcoming productions.
  • Business: Budgets, Contracts, Paperwork and more will be even easier to manage.
  • 17 West Productions: More connectivity, more productivity and more creativity.  I’m very excited about the possibilities. (All of which rhyme by the way.)
  • Cost: The iPad starts at $499!  I want the 3G so it’ll be and extra $130 but even then, it’s cheaper than a laptop.

I do a lot of development work in the library.  It’s my quiet place to plot out my scripts.  I’ve always wanted a laptop with screenwriting software loaded and ready to fire off the pages but it’s never really been in the budget.  Finally, I’ve got an affordable alternative to the laptop that just happens to be a super cool technology as well.

I suppose my only questions relate to the absense of a webcam and whether or not the device will work with my existing data package.  I have no intention of adding another 30 bucks a month when I already have 6GB’s of data on my account…  We’ll have to see.

Regardless, I love new gadgets and Apple definitely creates cool gadgets.  The iPad presents me with yet another option to work on my number 1 passion in life.  Screenwriting.

I want one.

The countdown begins!