4 Tips To Help You When You Don’t Have Enough Time To Study

Many students fall for stupid time-wasters while studying and make unnecessary mistakes. And these mistakes cost time. Even when doing an exchange program the time that you lack for studying and makes your life harder than it should be. These 7 tips will get you on the right track:

1: Come Up With A Learning Strategy!

Never start learning without a plan! Before you sit down at your desk and go through your documents, the first thing you should think of is a strategy. If you start just like that – without knowing precisely what and when to study – you will lose an incredible amount of time, and you will never accomplish everything you need to know for your exam. Divide your learning material into individual work packages and create a learning plan. So you always know exactly what you have to do and can work your way through your exam preparation in a structured manner.

2: Ban Everything That Distracts You!

When time is running out, and you only have a few days left to study, there is one thing you don’t need at all: distraction. Therefore: Create a learning environment where you can concentrate on your work and protect yourself from anything that distracts you. Be a bit drastic: turn off your WiFi, turn off your smartphone and lock your door. Try to focus entirely on learning.

3: Learn More Slowly

Even if it sounds completely wrong at first: If you are in a hurry and don’t have much time – take your foot off the gas and work more slowly. If you rush to study, you will forget important content and work imprecisely. The result: you have to go through your material again and lose even more time. It is better to study thoroughly at a moderate pace instead of only dealing superficially with the matter. In the end, you don’t get any of that.

4: Stay Calm

No matter how tight your schedule is and how close the deadline is: Always keep calm and stay cool. You can’t change anything about your time bottleneck anyway – so you don’t need to panic either.

With a cool head, you can make the right decisions even under insignificant pressure situations and optimally use your time. But if you let yourself be driven crazy, you can no longer have a clear thought, let alone focus on meaningful learning content.