A Comprehensive Checklist For Your Upcoming Move: Tips From Swift shift van lines Moving Experts

Moving can be an overwhelming task, and often, a simple checklist can save you from the chaos and stress. To have a stress-free and smooth move, you need a thorough strategic plan. And who better to guide with moving tips than the experts themselves? To help you in your move, we’ve compiled a comprehensive checklist packed with tips from expert movers, including teams from renowned companies.

Eight Weeks Prior To Your Move


Start Planning

  • Audit Your Home: Gauge what you’ll take along and what you plan to sell, donate, or toss. This way, you categorize your things early.
  • Hire Movers: If you’re considering hiring a professional moving company, start researching options. It is recommended to get quotes from different companies to compare services and prices.
  • Budget: Establish an estimated moving budget. Swift shift van lines, for instance, offers customizable moving packages, allowing you to tailor your move around your budget.

Inform & Document

  • Notify Landlord: If you’re renting, notify your landlord of your impending move, well within your notice period.
  • Record Inventory: Make a detailed inventory of your belongings. This can come in handy when packing or if you decide to purchase moving insurance.

Six Weeks Prior To Your Move


  • Sell or Donate: Now is the time to sell or donate the things you don’t intend to take along. Garage sales, online auctions, or donation centers could be beneficial.

Collect Records

  • Personal Records: Collect your family’s medical, dental, and school records. Don’t forget to ask your doctor and dentist for referrals in your new location.
  • Pet Records: Collect your pet’s records and, if necessary, research a new veterinarian.

Four Weeks Prior To Your Move

Address Change

  • Post Office: Notify the post office of your new address.
  • Subscriptions: Update your address for all subscriptions, memberships, and online shopping accounts.
  • Booking Movers
  • Confirm Booking: Confirm your booking with your chosen company. If you’ve chosen Swift shift van lines, their team will ensure proper planning and consult with you regularly as moving day approaches.

Two Weeks Prior To Your Move

Service Cancellations

Utilities: Schedule the disconnection of utilities at your current home and connection at your new one.

Important Preparations

  • Essentials Box: Pack an ‘essentials box’ with things you’ll need immediately after your move. This box should contain toiletries, medications, a change of clothes, etc.
  • Personal Transport: If you’re driving to your new location, ensure your vehicle is in good shape. If you are flying, confirm your tickets and travel arrangements.

One Week Prior To Your Move

Last Minute Preparations

Furniture: Dismantle big furniture units and remember to keep all screws and small parts in labeled bags.

Fridge: Start to consume, sell, or give away perishables.

The Moving Day

  • Final Walkthrough: After the movers have loaded everything, do a final walk-through to ensure nothing was left behind.
  • Special instruction: offer special instructions to the movers, if any.

Experts from companies like Swift shift van lines live by these checklists, and by adopting these steps, your move will be far less stressful. Happy moving!