A Sneak Peek into Poker Ceme

Poker ceme is among the hottest favorites of gamblers all around the globe and this lunacy is purely justified as this card game variation offers the same excitement and joy online as it does in a brick-and-mortar casino. 

Since many beginners find a few card games to be their comfort zone, chances are that some beginners won’t have heard of this game before. But that’s surely not a thing to worry about! 

The Post aims at giving a bird’s eye view of what poker ceme is all about along with an overview of the rules of the game.

Poker Ceme – An Introduction

You might have heard of numerous poker variations, which may include strip poker, stud poker, community poker, and many more. And just like all these variations, ceme poker is an extension of traditional poker i.e. it’s conventional poker with several new rules. 

Ceme poker can be called a twin of QQ Domino as the playing pattern in both the games is pretty similar. Let’s look at the basics of these two games. 

Poker Ceme – the Basics 

The game can proceed with a minimum of 2 players with a maximum limit of 8 players. The gameplay can be divided into 2 parts – baker and player.  

  • Just like Domino QQ, Poker ceme is an affair of 28 cards
  • Each of these 28 cards owns a pre-assigned value 
  • But a thing that differentiates both the games is the number of domino cards. On one hand, where Domino QQ is played with 4 domino cards, on the other hand, Poker Ceme has only 2 domino cards. 
  • The player with the highest aggregate points wins the game.

The game begins with dealing 2 cards to each player. The players can check the strength of the hands they’ve received.  

As the time runs out, each player is required to show his cards and the player with the strongest hands wins the game. 

Analyzing Your Card Strength 

Card strength in a game of poker ceme can be defined as your card’s total value. As talked about above, each card holds a certain value and thus, this value is added to determine the total strength of your cards. 

The value of the cards in the game begins with 0 and goes up to 9 with 0 being the weakest of all the cards and 9 being the strongest. 

Declaring the Winner in Ceme Poker 

  • The gameplay demands two teams i.e. player and banker. 
  • The team with the strongest hands wins the game.
  • But in case of a draw, the banker wins by taking the credit 
  • The player is paid twice the bet amount by a banker in case the value of the player’s card is exactly 9. 
  • Similarly, if the banker has a total of 9, he wins. 

The Bottom Line 

Poker ceme is an extremely simple, yet exciting poker variation. We hope that you found the article useful and it could clear what poker ceme is. Wishing you wealth with poker!